July 07, 2009

The (waaaayy overdue) Father's Day Post

Occasionally, Libby will give me assignments and deadlines for blog posts, and when Father's Day rolled around this year, I was given a 3-day deadline to post about it. Those 3 days came and went with no Father's Day post, and, surprisingly, no bodily harm to myself. However, I dare not test the Blog-Nazi's patience too long, lest I provoke her to wrath.

So, here it is: The Father's Day Post.

This year was my first Father's Day, and I took the time to think back on how being a father has changed me. I've changed most in my understanding of God. Now that I'm a dad, I cherish the intimacy of the word "Da-da" in Galatians 4:6. I can understand the joy in Zephaniah 3:17. I can fully appreciate the sacrifice in John 3:16. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be a father.

You may recall Libby's Mother's Day gift from her 3 boys. Well, when I woke up on Sunday morning, I had a pleasant surprise awaiting me on our computer:

I was speechless. In a good way. Making videos is my thing; never in my wildest dreams did I expect Lib to make me a slideshow (with music!) for Father's Day. Turns out, she'd secretly been peeking over my shoulder as I made various videos, and she figured out Adobe Premiere all by herself. What an awesome video. I am still so impressed.

Wait, that's not all! I also got one of these:

A shower head! To call the original shower heads in our apartment "low-flow" is a compliment. I literally haven't taken a shower with such low water pressure since I was in the staff shower at a Ukranian youth camp. In both cases, it was necessary to jump around to get wet.

But it's amazing how much a shower head can make a difference. We had replaced Libby's shower head the week before but decided to wait on replacing mine. So, imagine the rush of joy I felt as I installed my new shower head. I couldn't dream of two Father's Day gifts better than the two that I got.

Where, do you ask, did Libby get the shower head? I'm not sure, but I imagine a scene similar to the one below.

You never know.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Noah and me on Father's Day.

I had an awesome Father's Day. Thank you Libby, Noah, and Einstein for everything. It's a privilege to be the Dad in our family.


Angie said...

Josh...Very funny! But Your sweet wife asked you to write a blog. You should have already immedately by now than waiting too long!! shame on you, Josh! ha ha....Happy Belated Father's Day!!!

Melanie Lyons said...

Wow awesome job on the slideshow Libby. Josh you need a snazzy shower curtain like Kramers (or Cramer). Whatever, love ya'll!

Angie said...

Where can I order that shower head!!!!! Gotta put the cats in there and see how they respond!! Evil Laughter...Scott

Erica Nye said...

I love the slide show! Yea Libby!