May 11, 2009

My First Mother's Day!

Yesterday was my first official Mother's Day, and what a special day it was! I remember last year I was pregnant with Noah on Mother's Day, and although it was exciting knowing I would be a mother within a couple months, I had no idea at that point what being a Mother was all about. Eight months ago God blessed me with Noah, and I became a mother. It has been the most wonderful eight months of my life.

Yesterday morning, we woke up late for church. Our little alarm clock didn't wake us up; I guess he was tired. Anyway, somehow we made it out the door on time. On our way to church, Josh handed me two cards. One was from him, and the other one was from Noah and Einstein. Of course Josh's card was sweet (as always), but Noah and Einstein's made my heart melt. Noah scribbled his signature, and Einstein had written me a note. At the very bottom was a P.S. saying my present was on my iPhone under the video section. There I found two videos, one from Noah and the other from Eins. I love the quote at the beginning of Noah's video.

I had tears in my eyes as I watched the memories of Noah's birth, bringing him home, and all the fun we've had together over the past eight months. Besides having Noah in my life, I cannot imagine a more perfect gift for my first Mother's Day.

What also made my Mother's Day special was time spent with family. We had the rare treat of being able to spend time with both of our families on the same day. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.


Melanie Lyons said...

Awwww so sweet, what an amazing gift (the videos and Noah) That's exactly what I imagined Einsteins voice sounding like :) Glad you had a wonderful 1st mother's day!

chriselda said...

i. am. bawling.
i feel like i have been a part of this from the beginning! he's sooo soooo sweet! (josh)

i am so glad i got to meet you. and so thrilled to have a new friend in all of you!

happy mother's day!
you are fabulous!