May 12, 2009

Noah's First Ear Infection

Well I planned to post some pictures today from Mother's Day, but I just didn't get around to it. The reason is poor little Noah has been a sick little boy.

It all started Sunday evening when we were over at Josh's parents'. It was obvious that Noah was not feeling well, but we thought it was probably just him teething. Noah didn't feel good all day Monday, and last night I was up with him every two hours. His poor little body was so warm, and he had a fever of 103.5. He was really fussy (I would be too); I could tell he just didn't feel good. At 2 am I gave Noah some Motrin and put him in a lukewarm bath. I think it helped ease the pain, and it definitely brought his temperature down. By morning, his temperature was back up again, and we just couldn't seem to break it. What worried me the most was Noah had only 7 oz of formula by 2 pm. Every time we tried to give him a bottle he would push it away. Noah never turns away food!

I decided to call the doctor's office to see if we could get him in to see Dr. Fletcher. Dr. Fletcher tested Noah for Strep and the Swine Flu. Come to find out Noah has his first ear infection (thank the Lord that is all it was!) So we will start him on an antibiotic and continue with Motrin and Tylenol. Poor baby! I feel so sorry for him. Here he is watching baby Einstein.


Please keep little Noah in your prayers that he will feel better soon.

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apryl said...

I saw you guys were coming in, but missed you....hope he gets better soon!