July 20, 2009

Branson Family Vacation (Numero Dos)

Ok, I'm back with the rest of our family trip to Branson, Missouri. Be sure to check out the first part if you missed it.

After a full day at the lake we were exhausted and huunnnnggrry. We all took a quick shower, got ready, and ate at a delicious steakhouse that I forgot the name of. Yummmm yum!

Mimi, Granddad, and Noah


My sister Abby and Myself


Dad and my sister Megan


Noah was so funny. He put his leg over the highchair
and just chilled as he ate his bread.


And yes. Noah loved shrimp. Josh is completely disgusted by this.


We all got a good night's rest and got out to the lake early again the next morning. The lake was beautiful, and we could not have asked for better weather. Here are a few more pictures of us at the lake!

Sexy legs! (Matt will probably kill me for posting this)


If you know our family at all you know we're Mexican food fanatics. So of course we had to find some good Mexican food in Branson. Our last night there we found a really great restaurant (sorry can't remember the name of that one either) in this beautiful outlet shopping area. We had to wait a while to be seated, so we looked around at a few of the shops while we were there. Abby, Noah, my Mom and Dad, and I stopped in one of the closest stores to get out of the heat. It was one of those Build-A-Bear stores. We were just browsing around, and before we knew it, poor Noah was our model for the build a bear accessories. I could barely hold my camera I was laughing so hard.

Does he look like Harry Potter or what?


Thank you so much Dad and Mom for everything, and thank you for making it possible for us to all get together. We made so many fun memories, and I am so glad Noah and I were able to come! Love you all!


Erica Nye said...

I looks like Noah had a blast! I have so missed reading your blogs. It is great to get back to my computer.

Melanie Lyons said...

ROFL! He's much cuter than Harry!

Angie said...

ROFL!! So funny, I love that picture of Noah with a glasses...He looks more cute than Harry! LOL....I can imagine that you were laughing so hard while trying to take a picture! Hey Josh, Too bad that Noah already ate a shrimp. He loves it just like her mommy! Josh You should have to learn and accept to EAT it, Just try to bite one of it!! Shrimp wont bite you! It's already dead!LOL....OILY Libby