July 30, 2009

You've Got a Friend in Me!

What?! No post in the past three days. What have I been doing!? Well, actually, I've been working, so I guess I have a good excuse for not keeping up lately. After a long day at work I'm practically useless. All I want to do when I come home from work is kiss Noah's sweet face, shower, slip into my pj's and eat some dinner that my wonderful husband has cooked for me. I honestly haven't forgotten to blog; I'd never do that! But after a loooooong day at work, my creative blog writing just doesn't happen. It's not like I don't try though. I'll sit down, write a couple sentences that don't make sense, and end up deleting every word I wrote. Then I'll realize I just wasted thirty minutes that I could have been sleeping. So that's why you have opened up our blog the past three days with nothing new to read.

Anyway, work has been more than I could ever have imagined. I thank God every morning I go into work for the job He has provided. Not only is it a job, but it's the exact thing that I love doing. And that sure makes it easy to work when you love what you do, right? I have never gone through an orientation as smooth as this one has gone. I have learned so much in the five days I have worked, and I am starting to feel at home there. One thing about North Hills is everyone is SO kind. Even the doctors are friendly! Ha. Every time I go into work, God makes it clear to me North Hills is exactly where he wants me to be. It's been wonderful, and I thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us as we have gone through many changes the past couple of months.

Before I say goodnight, I have the sweetest little video to show you. The other day Noah and Einstein were playing in the living room together, and it was seriously one of the cutest things ever. The yellow tennis ball in the video is one of many scattered throughout the house. Einstein has quite a collection of tennis balls, so there is always one to play with. Often Noah will grab one to play with, and Einstein will excitedly waddle over to play with him. When I watch the two of them interact, I can't help but smile. They are precious! Make sure you turn the volume up for this one.

Hope you are having a great week!

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Sarah Brown said...

I really understand. I think I'm doing well getting in one post a week. Great video. So cute! Thanks for sharing.