July 19, 2009

Branson Family Vacation!

Our family trip to Branson was wonderful! I am so thankful for the time we had together as a family! One afternoon about halfway through the trip, we were on the lake, and I was just relaxing watching all of my family and it just hit me that we were actually all together. It doesn't happen very often that both of my parents and all of my brothers and sisters are in one place together, so it was such a blessing that we were all able to make it. As a bonus, Matt's girlfriend Tiffany and Megan's, let's-just-say-it's-complicated friend, Cory were with us. We were so happy they could come!

On Thursday afternoon, Noah and I flew into Springfield, where Mimi and Granddad were anxiously awaiting our arrival. We couldn't wait to see them! And by the time I got off the plane with Noah on my hip, my heavy purse, and Noah's diaper bag, I was sure thankful to have an extra set of hands! Of course Granddad and Mimi didn't mind taking Noah off my hands. Noah and I loved spending the evening with my parents. We ate dinner together, played and relaxed in the cabin, and went swimming before we got in bed. Here are a few pictures of our first night in Branson with Granddad and Mimi.

The plan for our time in Branson can be summed up in two words: TableRock Lake! I haven't been on a lake in so long; I couldn't wait to go! The first morning we decided to go to the lake early so we could spend most of the day there, and we eneded up leaving about 9:30. TableRock Lake was only about a 15 minute drive away, so we were there before we knew it. My dad rented a boat, two jet skis, and a huge floaty to pull us on the back of the boat. I have been on a lot of fun trips, but this one was one of my favorites! Here are some pictures of us the first day on the lake!

We had SO much fun! And Noah was the best baby! He loved being on the boat, and he had many fun new experiences too! He got to ride on the jet ski with my parents and sit on the floaties, and he loved swimming in the lake. Noah even took two or three naps on the boat! I think it was probably a combination of the heat and the rocking of the boat. The only thing he didn't like was his life jacket. I don't blame him though. It looked so uncomfortable.

Well, I originally planned this to be one big post, but my editor/husband made me split it up. So be sure to check back tomorrow for more on our family trip!

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Angie said...

Wow! You all had a BLAST! I am so happy for you and Noah spending the time with your family for just a short weekend with a BIG BLAST! I can't wait for Trent to get out of youth center so we all are planning on going to California for 2 weeks to spend the time as a family together will be a BLAST!