July 14, 2009

Matt Made it on the Blog!

I got the funniest text message from my mom the other day. My brother Matt came to Fort Worth to visit us last week, but before he left he told my mom, "I'm so excited to go visit because now I will be on the blog!" It's true. If you want to be on our blog, you must come visit. My mom and I had a good laugh over that one.

Matt came to visit us Forth of July weekend. He got into Architecture School at Oklahoma State University, which is a huge accomplishment. Apparently it's pretty tough to get into the program, so we are very proud of him. This year he is required to have a desktop computer to complete projects and school work. Lucky for Matt, his brother-in-law can build computers (really good computers for a pretty low price). So Matt came down to talk with Josh about what he needed, so they could get the process started to build his computer. Of course he also came down to just hang out with us.

We decided Friday night to go watch the Rangers play. Matt had never been to a pro baseball game, so we thought it would be fun to go. We even got tickets for $7! After the game they had a fireworks show since it was the Fourth of July weekend, so we decided to stay and watch. I wondered how Noah would react to the fireworks, but he loved them. He just sat back on Daddy's lap and watched them with bright eyes. As I watched Noah, I couldn't help but think back to last year's Fourth of July when I was 8 months pregnant, round belly and all, watching the beautiful fireworks. We were anxiously awaiting his arrival, ready to meet our little guy. This year, what a joy it was to have Noah with us to celebrate the Fourth. I always enjoy the fireworks and the Fourth of July holiday, but having Noah with us this year made it the best yet. We all had such a fun time at the game.

We had to park FAR away from the stadium, so we had a long way to walk back to the car after the game. And, well, we got lost. It probably would have been a good idea to remember where we parked the car, or at least which lot we parked it in, because it wasn't easy finding it among hundreds of other cars. By the time we found the Jeep we were damp from the humidity and completely worn out. Our beds were sounding really good about that time.

We had a fun filled weekend full of wonderful food, swimming, and just hanging out together. Thanks for coming to visit us Matt. Hope it's not too long before we can get together again. I don't think it will be, I know you're anxious to get your computer!


Melanie Lyons said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast. Tell Matt congrats on the architect school, that's awesome!

Angie said...

So funny!! Then I better make a plans to go down there to visit you guys so you will put me on your blog just like Matt!! Tell Matt congrats!