July 05, 2009

My Shopping Cart Buddy

Earlier tonight Noah and I made a trip to Target. Noah is always 99% of the time a good little boy when he goes shopping with Mommy.

Well before I explain the story about my little stinker, I do have to give him credit and say throughout most of the hour we were in Target Noah was a very good little boy.

Basically the reason I went to Target was to get a new swimsuit. I hate going bathing suit shopping, but I needed one since this Thursday Noah and I will be going to Branson, Missouri with my family for a short weekend trip. We are going to be on the lake most of the weekend, so a bathing suit is kind of a necessity.

So, I picked something out, threw it in the basket, and Noah and I strolled on over to the dressing rooms. Have you ever tried to get those HUGE shopping carts into the tiny dressing rooms? Almost impossible. Noah probably had whiplash after I finally got the cart into the dressing room (ok sorry I feel better now that I got that out).

I learned my lesson before about not strapping him in the cart. I turned my head just for a second and he was completely turned around standing up holding on to the back of the seat. I know, I know. I should have buckled him in. I guess I just didn't expect him to stand up!

Anyway, we were in the dressing room and I bent over I guess to put the bottoms on or something and look up to find Noah doing this:

As soon as I put him in the shopping cart tonight I buckled the little man up. But as you can see from the picture above, he STILL figured out how to stand up. And did you notice? I think I may be easing up on my germophobic tendencies. Just a tiny bit though because he did not touch the cart until I thoroughly wiped it down with an antibacterial wipe. But I'm working on it. Maybe by the time I have three or four kids I'll say, "oh what the heck."

Anyway, I guess tonight I learned another lesson! Goodness gracious!


Angie said...

Wow! I totally understand and I have been there before. that extacly same with Trent that happened at WM and same age as Noah. I just turn around for a second then sudden Trent is standing up. Oh my...My heart just dropped and so scared me to death! He could fell out of the cart! so I put him back and buckle him! Noah's smile just like Trent when he saw me! Yes, learn a lesson.....

Kasey said...

Don't feel bad about the germ thing. I'm the exact same way and people give me a hard time about it. We're just protecting our kids!.....Very cute story by the way!

Sarah said...

At least he is a good little shopper! Saylor--not so much most of the time. But she's always better in Target than Walmart for some reason! I've gotten to where I just wipe down the cart too instead of bring my cart cover. Just one less thing to worry about.
Have lots of fun in Branson!

Sarah Brown said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to remember that for Maggie when she is big enough to sit in a cart.
He is adorable!