February 24, 2009

The Vege-Boogie


Good morning!

It's only been three days since my last blog post, but it feels like it's been two weeks. I have been so exhausted from work. When I get home all I want to do is kiss little Noah good morning and fall into bed. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel! One more day left, and I am on an eight day stretch of absolutely no work -- just playing and enjoying the time with my two favorite boys in the whole world. And Einstein too of course.

I know it has been forever since my post about Noah eating squash for the first time. Honestly, I didn't feel Noah's reaction to the squash was blog worthy. Of course he made a funny face at first, but he ended up loving it.

So, I decided to wait and see what his reaction would be to carrots. We hit the jackpot with carrots. The face he makes is priceless. I'm so glad I caught it on video. He actually ended up liking carrots almost as much as squash, but the initial shock of a new taste must have thrown him off.

Since we had two separate videos of Noah eating his veggies, (one for squash and one for carrots), I asked Josh to combine them into one video so I could post it on the blog. Of course, it's beyond Josh's comprehension to do a normal video. Instead of a cute video of Noah eating his veggies, we have the Vege-Boogie.

Josh thinks it's a work of art; I think Josh has too much free time. However, despite being ridiculous, it is funny. Noah's reaction to the carrots is about halfway into the video, so be sure to watch it all (if you can stand it).

Have a good day! --Libby


Melanie Lyons said...

ROFL! That's great! However if it wasn't for Noah I wouldn't have been able to watch it....scary scary mullet. His first music video from the 80's, he was by far the cutest kid. See ya'll tonight!

the three Griffin's said...

hahaha... i turned the video on and turned the volume up and as i did- reece came crawling to the computer, tugging on my chair so he could sit in my lap and watch the music video... then he started dancing to it! so hilarious, josh's idea makes us laugh (and dance, i guess)!
and noah is adorable! great video of his happiness!

apryl said...

yes I agree, he has WAY to much time on his hands, but entertaining none-the-less!

Erica Nye said...

Yes, Josh has too much free time, but it is very cute. I think that Josh must have been a baby himself when the original Veg A Boogie was filmed. These people are dressed like people dressed when I was in Jr. high and I am too old!