February 05, 2009

Noah's Favorite Things

Good Morning! I'm only up for just a little bit today, because my eight days off are over (so sad), and I have to go into work tonight. So... this day will be full of sleep. I heard that at the beginning of the week we had 25 babies in 24 hours!! How is the possible?!? One of my co workers wrote on her facebook status, "I'm really scared of going to work today!! I'm not about beating records!" Does that mean another one of those nights?!? I sure hope not. Pray I have the strength to get through this night. I thought I would share with you today Noah's top 10 favorite things.

1. Noah LOVES his bouncer.
Josh told me one day he stayed in the bouncer 2 hours!
Here is a little clip. If you have not seen him jump, it is SO cute.
(He also has found his voice!)

2. Noah LOVES bath time.
(He is starting to splash water EVERYWHERE!)

3. Noah LOVES to put his fingers in his mouth.
(Especially his thumb... I caught you!)


4. Noah LOVES to be naked!
(Any time he cries uncontrollably
or is upset for any reason, we take off his clothes,
and he will always smile or laugh... silly baby!)

5. Noah LOVES his car seat.
(He smiles every time we put him in it
and still sleeps in it.)


6. Noah LOVES to hang upside down. He laughs and laughs!


7. Noah LOVES hand me down toys, as I've come to learn.
(He loves the red phone!)


8. Noah LOVES to touch Einstein when he gets the chance.
This little clip is of Noah and Einstein. It's so precious.

9. Noah LOVES to watch the Baby Einstein DVDs.
(These allow Mommy a chance to shower and get ready)

10. Noah LOVES to wear hats.
(Or at least he doesn't complain when we put them on him)


Have a blessed day! -- Libby


Melanie Lyons said...

Love the videos! Especially of the bouncer. Wonder how many miles that thing has on it??? I think the love of being naked must be in the male DNA :)

Anonymous said...

ah! he is so big now! i can't wait to bite him. wait, did i just say that?
surely not.

how cute is he?