February 21, 2009

Noah's new diaper bag

Hello! I really am not in the mood to clean the house, but when there are about ten of Noah's dirty bottles scattered throughout the house, clothes all over the washer and dryer, and no sheets on our bed, I don't think I can get out of this one. Oh well.

I want to take a minute to brag on my mother. She is amazingly talented, and I can't count the number of times I have told her she needs to open a store or get a website to sell all of her wonderful creations. As Josh would say, she's got "mad skills." She can make pretty much anything I ask of her, and she's an awesome interior decorator. Every time she comes over we always change something around in the never ending quest to make our apartment look like it belongs in a Pottery Barn catalogue.

Before Noah was born I had the bright idea that I would use a knock off animal print purse as a dual-purpose diaper bag and purse. Noah's room is safari themed, so I thought the animal print would be perfect. But things didn't exactly go as planned; most of the time I ended up not even using it as a purse, and it became Noah's diaper bag. Josh always complained about Noah's "wussy diaper bag" and said he needed a manly one. And I admit, it was wussy. Poor Noah.

But Super-Mimi came to the rescue! Finally, now that Noah is almost six months old, he has his very own BOY diaper bag. I gave my mom all of my ideas, and she worked her magic. It's adorable...I mean, um...manly!

Well I guess I better start cleaning. Josh will be home soon!-- Libby

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