February 06, 2009



I just got home not long ago from a good night at work. Thank you for your prayers. We had four deliveries before 11 pm, and that was pretty much it the rest of the night. The whole night went completely smooth. It's amazing how quickly the pace of things can change at work. The week before, we averaged about ten babies. This week... BOOM... babies, babies, babies. How wonderful it is when new life is brought into this world. I really do have the best job in the world despite the craziness of it all! Enough of me!

Before I got home I dropped by the store and picked up some squash. You may be asking yourself, why is she telling me this? Well... it's baby squash! Keep a look out! Noah will be eating his first baby food very soon! I hear baby expressions are quite funny when they start tasting different foods.


Have a wonderful day! Thank goodness it's Friday, huh?!

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