February 09, 2009

Passport? Really?

Good afternoon! Wasn't the rain last night wonderful!?! I think the last time it rained like that in Amarillo Noah was coming home from the hospital. That was five months ago! Today we're back to lovely Amarillo wind. Arrrrrgghh!!!

In May or June, we are planning on going to Mexico or some far away destination with my family. Of course most people would assume that children (especially babies) would not require a passport. Actually, the thought of getting Noah a passport did not even cross our minds. We assumed a birth certificate would be adequate. As quick as babies change, does it not seem ridiculous to get a baby a passport?

Noah at birth

Noah at five months

See what I'm talking about!?

Well... I don't make the rules. So as soon as possible we are going to the post office (car seat and all) to get Noah a passport so he can go with us to Mexico and eat Mexican sand.

Have a wonderful day. -- Libby

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