February 12, 2009

Dudes Night

Hey guys! Josh here with blogging duties today.

As many of you know, Lib is on a three day rotation at the hospital, meaning she works three 7pm - 7am shifts in a row, then has few days off before going back to work again. So when Lib is at work, I'm Mr. Mom at home with Noah and Weenie Dog.

Initially, I was a little nervous about staying at home all by myself with Noah. He was 3 months old when Lib went back to work, and he was still a pretty small little guy. I have neither the expertise nor the experience working with babies that Libby has. Most importantly, I lack one critical tool in caring for Noah: breasts full of milk. Seriously, those things are like magic. They never fail with crying babies. Or at least they never fail with ours.

So, I didn't know how everything was gonna work out. But it actually turned out quite well. I dare say I look forward to Dudes Night in the Bonjour home. And I'd like to think Noah does too.

We get to do all kinds of fun stuff when Mom isn't around. Like watching SportsCenter. Like nodding our heads and pretending that we're gangstaz while listening to Trip Lee. Like fixing the computer. Like playing PS3. Like watching R-rated movies. Just kidding on that last one - don't bombard me with hate mail.

Yeah there was the night that Noah had a tummy ache (i think?), and we were both crying til 3am. And there are the nasty, make me throw up in my mouth, "I can't believe this came out of your little body!" diapers. And the times when Noah thinks it's funny to pee on me while I'm trying to change said diaper. But the fun, guy bonding times definitely overshadow the not-so-fun times.

With all the fun we have on Dudes Night, we don't always get to the bath. Libby can't understand why. She was on my case the other day because Noah once went 3 straight days without a bath on my watch. I keep trying to explain to her that it's not that big of a deal. Noah doesn't have B.O., yet. Babies always smell good except when their diapers explode. And when Noah has a diaper explosion, I hose him off in the sink with that handy little sprayer. After that, we're good to go.

I'm pretty sure people in Europe only shower once every couple of weeks, and I know we're doing better than that. Trust me, when Noah is old enough to have to put deodorant on every day, I'll make sure he showers. Until then, aren't little boys supposed to be a little dirty?

Lest you think I never bathe him, here's evidence of a recent bath.

His expression kills me. I love Dudes Night.

I love being a Dad.

Have a good Thursday.

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