February 26, 2009

Battle-Wounds from the Photo Shoot

For a couple of weeks, I had been looking forward to getting Noah's 6 month pictures done. Noah will be 6 months old tomorrow (can you believe it!), and he has changed so much since his 3 month pictures, so I've been anxious to get some more pictures. Finally, the time came this morning. Chriselda came over to the house to take Noah's pictures early this morning, because that is usually the time of day is when Noah is the happiest. Anyway, we placed a white sheet as a backdrop up on the entertainment center and placed my 3 "gaudy" (Josh's word) candle holders on top to keep the sheet up. You know where this is going.

Noah was sprawled out in all his naked glory on the white sheet while Chriselda rolled around on the ground with him trying to get some good angles. Then, at the exact moment the thought was crossing my mind, it happened. "Wouldn't it be awful if one of those candle holders fell on him?" and then, "Oh no!" Before I could even process what was happening, one of the candle holders fell on his side. As the second one began to fall, Chriselda threw her camera (a very expensive camera, might I add) to the side and swept Noah up in her arms. The biggest candle holder still hit him on the side of his little head, but thanks to Chriselda and her quick reaction, Noah was spared having that huge thing fall and hit him smack in the face. It could have been really bad! Poor Noah!

Of course after the accident, Noah started bawling and floods of tears came pouring out. We felt horrible! After a bunch of hugs and kisses from the both of us, Noah managed to smile at us a couple more times. But he was pretty much finished with his photo shoot. I don't blame him.

Josh and I were talking, and it seems like just about every baby has a traumatizing event at some point. At least all of the Bonjour boys did. Josh had his hand go through a sewing machine. Joseph had an iron fall on his forehead and leave a scar. And Quentin's childhood was basically one traumatizing event after another thanks to Josh and Joseph. Now Noah has been initated as a Bonjour boy; let's just hope there are no more initiations.

Anyway, here is a picture of Noah's battle wound.

Thankfully, Noah has a hard head like his daddy. haha

Have a great evening!-- Libby


Anonymous said...

omg. i feel SO horrible! he cried so sadly. awwww. i'm just sorry i didn't get him COMPLETELY out before it hit his head.

his little face. and then tomorrow he gets shots?!


Melanie Lyons said...

Props to Chriselda for moving so quickly! Cameras (even the good ones) can't compete with priceless babies. Glad he's ok, can't wait to see his new pics!