December 03, 2009

Winter Wonderland & 500 Miles

Well, not quite. But this week we have had some really cold weather, and it actually snowed {a little bit} yesterday! Yes siree. Early Wednesday morning while I was making Noah breakfast, I looked out the window, and to my surprise I saw snow falling. I thought I remember someone telling me it never snowed in Fort Worth. Um. Guess that's not true. It was such a beautiful, peaceful snow fall. Of course, a couple hours later I would have never been able to prove we had any snow because it didn't stick to the ground, but what a nice little winter surprise to enjoy, even if it was only for a couple hours.






Can you believe it? And, I hear we are supposed to get some more snow tomorrow!


I'm sure you have all heard of the song "I'm Gonna Be {500 miles}" by the Proclaimers, right? Well... little Noah is walking all. over. the. place. Oh, and did I mention he is getting into everything! I seriously think those little legs walk at least 500 miles a day. Noah has been walking for the past month, but he would go back and forth between walking and crawling. Not anymore. He is walking at least 95% of the time now, and has gotten to the point where he is comfortable on his feet, so once he gets going, he is moving... fast! And boy is it cute!

I'm really gonna have to keep a close eye on him now!


Abby said...

AWWW!!! My little Noah is doing so good! I wanna pick him up and hold him now!!! Love you guys!


Angie said...

Beautiful pictures! Noah is walking fast and better now! He better walk in front of me! heh heh Miss you guys