December 08, 2009

All I Want for Christmas... this purty litte thing:


Actually, it's my apology gift Josh owes me {yes, that's right owes} for the horrible joke he played on me about a month ago. You can read the story here if you missed it.

He was actually working the night he scared me to half to death, and boy did he get it from two of his female co-workers that night {thank you ladies}. They demanded Josh bring me home flowers to make up for his horrible behavior. He told me later that evening what they had said, and my response was, "Forget the flowers, I want a new camera!" Haha. Josh and I had actually been talking about getting a DSLR camera for a while, but I thought I'd use the situation to speed things up a little.

It's been a month since that horrible prank was played on me, and I still don't have the camera in my hands {ahem, Josh}. Somehow it has turned into a "Christmas" gift, but I'll let it slide since it is a really, really nice gift.

So, what do you want for Christmas?


Remember this picture?


{Click here if you don't}

I loved reading the captions you gave this picture! Thanks so much for commenting. These were my favorite 5:

Andi Satterfield: "That fever blister sure looks like it hurts, Matt."
My sister, Megan: "You mean to say I'm too young to start liking girls??"
Katt Krause: "Hey... I'm not Einstein!"
CJ Dunham: "So I'm spoiled... what's your point?"

And the one that made me {& Josh} laugh the most came from:

Laura Christian: "There is too a Santa Clause!!!"

Again, thank you for your captions! They were so much fun to read. Well, I gotta go! The Biggest Loser Finale is on, and I can't wait!!!!



The Christians said... is just such a cute little photo! I'm way behind (as usual) on responding to posts this month, but I love your contests. You are by far one of the most creative bloggers I have ever known. And what a little cutie you have!

Angie said...

Ha! Glad you get a new camera....It's for YOU NOT Josh!! Love the picture of Matt and Noah! Best picture!