December 01, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree & Curious George

Have I told you lately I just love this time of the year? Oh yeah. Ha. I told you that yesterday. Well, today is December 1st, and although I know the month will inevitably fly by, I am going to enjoy every single day of this holiday season.

I love going Christmas tree shopping! Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we set out to find the perfect tree. We originally planned on going back to Flower Mound {the same place we went for the pumpkin patch} to get a freshly cut tree, but we decided instead to run over to Lowe's since Noah had not been feeling very well. Oh, that and the fact that we no longer have my Jeep to safely fasten the tree on top. There was no way we were gonna attempt to lug a Christmas tree on our small car all the way from Flower Mound.

So all three of us went to Lowe's, and we began our search. Now Josh would probably tell you I'm a Christmas tree slave driver, but really, I'm not. Someone has to lift all the trees up so I can examine them, right? I mean who wants to go through all the trouble of bringing home a tree just to find out it's crooked or that there are a bunch of missing branches. I don't. So Josh is my Christmas tree handler, and I have to admit he does get a little very irritated with me. Sometimes I can just tell as soon as he begins lifting the tree up that it's just not the one.

Here is a typical conversation between the two of us every year we go shopping for a Christmas tree.

Libby: Oh, how about that one? It looks pretty.

Josh: This one? Ok.

Libby: Well. Hmm. Can you turn it around for me? No, the other way.

Josh: Which way!?

Libby: The other way! Stop right there! Well... it is pretty, but just lay it down there and we can come back if we don't find something else that is better.

Josh: Libby! It's not easy lifting these things.

Libby: I know, but this is only like the fourth one we've looked at. There might be a better one. Come on. Look at this one! Can you pick this one up, please?

Josh: Ok, but if I pick this huge one up and you don't like it I'm gonna be really mad at you.

You get the idea. Really, we always have fun picking out our Christmas tree {as we did this year}, but it's just funny because it seems like we go through that same conversation every year.

Anyway, after an extensive search {which really wasn't that extensive} we found the perfect tree!

Josh & Noah at Lowe's


Josh putting the Christmas tree up & Noah pulling the lights out.
Looks like my boys have it under control.


Just a couple sweet pictures of Noah that night.
He had fun with Mommy & Daddy picking out our Christmas tree.


And the finished product {this lousy picture doesn't do it justice}!


And boy, do we have a Curious George around here.
I am constantly telling Noah not to touch the tree,
but he has a mind of his own.


His face is priceless in the top middle picture. I love it.
He knows he shouldn't touch, but as you
can see he went right ahead and touched.
As stubborn as he is, he sure is cute!

Maybe we should have gotten a table tree after all! Ha ha.


adie1983 said...

awww...sweet pics by the Christmas tree!

Angie said...

You two are so funny! I love christmas tree...I love smell real christmas tree. We can't have it anymore! Trent allegric to christmas tree! :(
Love a pictures of Noah..You did a great job! Best Mommy!!