December 04, 2009

Silence = Noah + Mischievousness

Noah is a very active and vocal little guy {what toddler isn't}, so when Noah is being really quiet, he is usually up to something. Today while I was {wait, what was I doing?}, I suddenly realized there was silence in the house. So, I decided to check on my little munchkin to see what he was up to.

You see this little ornament storage box...


... well, it was not next to Noah's high chair.

But when I walked into the living room, this is what I saw:


What did I tell ya? I knew he was up to something.
Noah pulled the ornament box to his highchair
and proceeded to do this:


But seriously, how cute is that?
I guess little Noah was a hungry boy, so
he decided to take matters into his own
hands and get himself a snack.

And then look at the sweet little smile
he gave me after he got caught.


Oh, I just love this little boy!


Carissa McCarter said...

I'm trying to figure out how to follow you and I can't figure it out!! HELP!!

Angie said...

Noah is such a happy little boy! Love his PJS!

Kasey said...

Ha!!!! That is too funny! It's amazing how smart they are at such a young age. I absolutely love it! That little grin is VERY mischievous! LOL