October 22, 2009

Apple Sauce & A Spoon

Do we have some news for you! Guess what Mr. Noah is learning to do? I'm happy (and sad) to announce Noah is learning to feed himself with a spoon. I love this video of him; it's so sweet! Watch.

Can you believe it? I sure can't! One morning while Noah was eating breakfast, I decided to give him some apple sauce with a spoon to see what he would do with it. To my surprise he picked up the spoon and started feeding himself! I guess I was taken back because this was our first time to practice. Way to go Noah! I'm thinking feeding time is going to get a little bit more messy now, but practice makes perfect, right? I'm so proud of you Noah. You are growing by leaps and bounds. Will you slow down a little bit for Mommy?

Oh and a little update on walking. This past Sunday guess how many steps Noah took?! Like 4 or 5! I lost count because I was so excited he kept walking without plopping down on his bottom. He is getting so much closer every day. Maybe we will have a walking Mickey Mouse at the end of this month? We shall see.

Have a wonderful day!


Angie said...

Hey! That's so sweet!! Yes, Practice makes perfect and he will be proud! =) Be sure to do video in case he is walking with a mickey mouse costume!! It will be VERY cute!!!

Melanie Lyons said...

Wow he is doing really good with that spoon! Funny how much they pick up just watching you at the dinner table.