October 13, 2009

Noah's Costume & Grapevine Mills Family Outing

I'm not a big fan of Halloween. Nope, not really. But the month of October can be a lot of fun. Some of my favorite things are:

1. Handing out candy to the little ones. I love seeing them all dressed up in their costumes. So cute!
2. Candy! Candy! Candy! Usually during the month of October I gain a few pounds.
3. Picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve.
4. And of course, you can't forget baked pumpkin seeds! Yummy.

Well, today we found Noah the cutest costume. I went back and forth between a monkey and turtle (which were both absolutely adorable), but because I could not find either one for less than $50 (crazy!), we found something just as cute for a much cheaper price. I need to wash it first, but I will post a picture of Noah and his costume soon. I'll give you three clues to see if you can figure it out. Ready?

1. It is a Disney character
2. It's favorite sayings are, "Gosh" "Oh Boy" "That sure is swell" (Have any idea??)
3. It has a dog

If you didn't guess it with those obvious clues you should be ashamed of yourself. I tried to be easy on ya.


Noah is a growing boy. In fact he has grown so much that he practically had nothing in his closet that fits, except for a few pajamas. It's amazing how fast babies grow! We decided it was time to take Noah to the mall and find him some new clothes, so we went to Grapevine Mills Mall. We have a few malls closer to where we live, but we decided since Noah basically needed a whole new wardrobe we'd probably better go to an outlet mall. We found a lot of great deals, and Noah came home with a bunch of really cute clothes. Here are a few pictures of Noah and Josh at the mall today. We just posed in front of the Rainforest Cafe. We considered eating there until we looked at the prices on the menu! Whoa! Expensive.

Noah was the best baby all day long. He was just so content in his stroller pretty much the whole time we were at the mall. What a sweet sweet baby. We all had so much fun together. I am always so thankful for the days we have together as a family.

Well I better go because I'm making a practice batch of my cookies for the Fall Festival. I'm anxious to see how they are going to turn out. Have a wonderful day!


Angie said...

OHHHH I have to answer ur question wow!! seems hard to thinking! ha...But Noah is SO cute!!So happy you all had a BLAST I remember LONG TIMES ago we had SO much fun family together out things to do during October!! I missed those wonderful awesome memories!! It will always be the BEST time is "family time together forever!!" FUN!!! OILY (I can't wait to see Noah's costume!"

Sarah Brown said...

I love Goofy! It looks like you had so much fun. Hope your cookies turn out well.