October 25, 2009

After 15 Minutes of Trying to Think of a Title, I Got Nothing

We are about to have a storm blow in, and I am loving it! I am so thankful for the rain, and I've missed it the past couple of days. But I am also very thankful for the perfect sunny day we had last Tuesday: perfect weather to go to pumpkin patch.

What a great day we had together as a family today. Josh didn't have to work! Yippy. He got to be home with us, so after church we did nothing but rest and watch the Cowboys play (or Josh and Noah did). I was actually in a "spring" cleaning mood while Josh and Noah vegged. Actually, cleaning wasn't in my plans for the day, but something happened that forced me to get in a cleaning mood.

I'll start from the beginning. After lunch, Josh headed back to the church for afternoon Bible study, while Noah and I went home for a nap. Noah was such a tired little guy, but I managed to keep him awake for half of the trip home. When we got home, I somehow got him out of his carseat and carried him up to his room without waking him. Whew! I was going to get to take a little nap myself! But first I had to take Einstein out to go potty.

After Einstein did his business, we came upstairs, and I gave him a treat. Nap time, finally! I walked in my bedroom, but as I did, I heard a sound coming from the bathroom. It sounded like water was running either in the sink or shower. I decided I'd better check it, so I looked in and saw the shower curtain closed and the light on. I freaked out for a minute. I thought someone was in our house taking a shower. But then I looked a little more closely and saw the noise was coming from the toilet.

The toilet was overflowing, and there was already about an inch of water covering the entire bathroom floor. It was safe to say at that point I would not be getting a nap, and I was not very happy about it. I grabbed as many towels as I could find, clean or dirty, and laid them down on the bathroom floor hoping I could get some of the water up. Unsuccessful. Now I just had an inch thick of water on the ground with a bunch of completely soaked towels. To make a long story short, I got the mop, and after about an hour of mopping up the water I had the floor pretty much dry. Definitely not how I wanted to spend my Sunday afternoon. But it's not all bad because, strangely, the overflowed toilet got me in the mood to clean. Weird how that happens. Despite the toilet ordeal, we had a wonderful day together as a family.


This weekend my sister Megan came to visit us, and we had such a great time. Josh had to work most of the weekend, so it was basically a weekend full of shopping, chick-flicks, eating, and playing with Noah and the dogs. Notice the word dogs is plural. Megan brought her crazy puppy, Bowser, along for the weekend, and it was non stop play around our apartment. Einstein could barely keep his eyes open today he was so tired. I'll post more of the weekend details (we made a MAJOR purchase for Noah) soon, because I'm super tired tonight. Thank you Meggie Mouse for coming to see us this weekend! But since it's a sin to post without pictures, I'll leave you with one of Noah and Megan.


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