October 21, 2009

Our Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Guess where we went yesterday? We went to the pumpkin patch, and we had so much fun! We have wanted to go for a while, but the past week or two it has been rainy and cold, so we waited for a perfect sunshiny day. The weather was great yesterday. It was a little windy, but it was warm and perfect for playing at the pumpkin patch.

Being new to the area, we weren't sure where to find a good pumpkin patch. We knew there would be tons to choose from, but thanks to a couple of recommendations, we found The Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound, Texas. Flower Mound is about 45 minutes from where we live, but it was totally worth the trip. It was the best pumpkin patch we've ever been to. Of course, it would be, since our options in Amarillo have always been limited to a small pumpkin patch along Bell street. Actually, the place we always went in Amarillo was a decent little pumpkin patch, and whether we go in Amarillo or in Flower Mound, the best part of the whole trip is the time we spend together as a family.

Going to the pumpkin patch last year was really special because it was our first year to go as a family. Noah was about two months old at the time, and again, it's so hard to believe he was that little this same time last year. Oh, how he has grown! Last year we bought four pumpkins, two big ones for me and Josh to carve, and two little ones for Noah and Einstein. I love looking back at old pictures. Here are a few from last years pumpkin patch adventure.




Our carved pumpkins crack me up. Mine was the silly one-eyed monster and Josh's was the nerd pumpkin. I have to say we did do a pretty good job on them though.

At the pumpkin patch in Flower Mound there were so many pumpkins to choose from, but we decided to not buy any this year. Yep, I guess we are party poopers. We just decided to wait to carve pumpkins again when Noah is old enough to do it with us. There were so many fun things to do at the pumpkin patch in Flower Mound. There was a huge field full of hundreds of pumpkins, face painting, hay rides, mazes built from bales of hay, a petting zoo (sadly it was closed when we went), and wagons to haul around your pumpkins and/or your little ones. You want to know the best thing about it? It's all free! Well, obviously you have to pay for the pumpkins, but it's totally free to go walk around and enjoy all the fun activities. We had so much fun, and we decided to make it a family tradition to go every year.

Noah was in pumpkin heaven. There were a bunch of activities, but what fascinated Noah the most was the pumpkins. He loved playing with them, and that is pretty much what he did the whole time we were out there. It was fun watching him discover pumpkins. Pumpkins were totally new to him, and he just couldn't get enough of them. It was so cute! I made a slide show because I couldn't pick just a couple of pictures to post on the blog. There were just so many cute ones!


Melanie Lyons said...

Such good pictures! Where in the world did you find that song? Noah looks like such a little man standing in the pumpkins. Glad you all had a good time at the pumpkin patch!

Kasey Killough said...

Those pumpkins that you all carved are so cool and creative!! I love those! All the pictures are fantastic at the pumpkin patch. You did a great job!

The Christians said...

Hmmm - seems my comment didn't post last night. Anyways, how adorable!!!! So many unbelievably cute pictures! (Okay, maybe not so unbelievable with such a cutie. ;-) ) Too funny though - we just decided yesterday that is the pumpkin patch we are going to go to if the ground ever dries up. Love, love, love the song with the slide show!

Angie said...

Adorable!!! You did a great job with all cute pictures! Wish I listen to that song...But I will ask Tori to interpret for me!! OILY