October 26, 2009

Carmel Apple Cider & 2 Bottomless Pits

I have been lovin' the Fall weather we have had lately. This season is definitely one of my favorites. I can't believe how cold it has been last night and today. Brrr! Great snuggling weather, right? Sadly I don't have a snuggle partner tonight. Josh is working and sweet little Noah is sound asleep. Sniff Sniff.

I'm so tired. For the past thirty minutes, I've been sitting here at the computer fighting the urge to just go ahead and jump in bed, but I'm afraid if I do then I'll be wide awake at 2 am. So I'm resisting, and I'm staying put at the computer. Well at least for another 30 minutes.

Tonight I came across a recipe for caramel apple cider. Ohhh yummo! My favorite! I think one of my favorite things about the chilly fall weather is having a cup of warm apple cider in hand.


Seriously, my mouth is watering. I wish I had all of the ingredients to make some because I sure could use a cup to warm me up. I haven't made this recipe myself, but it sure sounds tasty, so if you want to try it out click here.

I think that is all I have tonight. I know, boo! But I promise I'll be back soon. I've gotta hop in bed now. I'm not only tired, but I'm freeeezzzing cold.

Wait, I lied. I do have a picture for you. And it's pretty darn funny. Let me give you a little back ground information first. Anytime I sit down to eat, I immediately have four eyes staring at me. That's right: Noah and Einstein. I always knew Einstein was a bottomless pit, but I'm starting to think Noah is too. Haha. Anyway, so the other night I sat down with my dinner and as always I had four eyes glued on me. Then all of a sudden Noah looks at Einstein, and does this:


"Einstein, back off! There is not enough for the both of us."

I love this picture. Makes me laugh every time I look at it. They are so funny!