September 17, 2009

Noah is...

Oh how I've neglected our blog this week, and I seriously haven't meant to. This week has zipped right on by, and it's hard to believe I haven't sat down any this week to write. I told Josh tonight while we were eating dinner that if I didn't sit down and get busy we'd have two grandmas on the war path. So I'm back!

My goodness. Where do I start? There has been so much going on around here lately, and I have so many new updates on Noah. This post is going to be pretty random, so in no particular order, here we go:

Noah is...

...talking. He has definitely become more vocal lately. I love to hear Noah talk, and often we have some very interesting conversations throughout the day. Some of Noah's favorite words to say right now are "Mama," "Dada," "Uh-oh," and "Oh." He is starting to identify me as "Mama" and Josh as "Dada." The other day, Josh was about to leave the house to run an errand, and as he was walking to the door Noah crawled after him saying, "Dada." It was the sweetest thing ever! When we are driving in the car together I always have Christian music playing, and lately the sweetest voice I've ever heard has been singing along to the music. What a blessing, even at such a young age, to hear your child singing praises to God with his sweet little voice!

...singing the ABCs. Well, he's not really singing the ABCs, but he smiles and laughs every time the song comes on. It's his favorite song these days; he loves it! The other day he lifted his hands in the air when he heard it. We are going to have to work on that because we're a Baptist family, you know.

...a Momma's Boy. But occasionally he will let Daddy hold him without crying.

...starting to stand on his own. He is starting to gain confidence in standing without support, and a couple of times has taken a few steps towards me. It was so funny today because he was trying to balance himself, but he looked like a sumo wrestler in the way he was standing. I'm thinking it might not be too long before he is walking all over the place.

...growing curly q's. I can't believe how much Noah's hair has grown. It is so funny to look back at old pictures of him when he was a baldy. Now we have so much hair we don't know what to do with it! No really, his little curly q's are so cute! We have been going back and forth on whether we should get his hair cut or not. We have decided to wait on the hair cut, and when it gets to a certain point where it becomes unmanageable (like Josh's hair) we will go get his first hair cut.

...locked out. Of the cabinets, that is. Josh graciously took 5 hours out of his day to baby-proof 3 of Noah's favorite cabinets. Those cabinets just so happen to contain all of our cleaning supplies and Einstein's food and treats. So now that Noah's favorites are no longer accessible, he figured out something even better. Watch.

...eating like a grown man. I am not kidding. Noah can eat and eat and eat. So far he has done really well eating what we place in front of him, but I hear everything changes around 18 months. Noah's faaaaaaavorite food is graham crackers. Papa (Darrell) is quite a fan of graham crackers himself, and he has apparently passed that gene to Noah. Noah loves loves loves graham crackers. One weekend when Papa was here, he was eating some graham crackers, and Noah crawled over to him and stood there in front of him wanting to taste what he had. So Papa broke off a piece and gave it to him. (Of course, it wasn't long before both Noah and Einstein were sitting in front of Papa, staring him down for pieces of graham crackers) That day Noah discovered his favorite food. I'm not kidding when I say Noah could eat graham crackers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh, and of course at snack time too. not a fan of juice. To our surprise, Noah prefers water over juice. We have tried both apple juice and orange juice, but Noah just takes one or two sips, and then he's done. He pushes it away making it very obvious he does not want any more. I guess that's a good thing that he likes water, right?

...back on the wagon. We have not been successful with weaning Noah from the bottle. I just don't know how we are going to do it. Noah never took a pacifier (thank the Lord), but I realized the other night the bottle is kind of like his pacifier. It is the only thing that will settle him down when he is crying. So we are back to square one.

...wearing a size 5. In diapers. More food means more, well, you know. I can't believe he is already in size 5 diapers! (I change a lot of diapers at work, as you can imagine, and it's hard to believe Noah's little hiney use to be in those newborn diapers!)

...getting to be a big boy. Is it really true my little baby is laying on the couch all by himself?

...going to Wee Care. Recently, I have started a Women's Bible study on Thursday mornings at Christ Chapel Bible Church. The Bible study I've joined is called, "Shout to the Lord." We are studying and focusing on specific Psalms throughout the week, and then meeting together in small groups and corporately to study God's word. What a blessing it has been; I've grown so much already. God knew exactly what I needed. And God knows exactly what Noah needs too. I was so excited to find out there was a program for Noah on Thursday mornings too. Noah has been going to "Wee Care" which is Christ Chapel's nursery. They provide a fun place for the children to stay while the mother's are in Bible study, but the most exciting part of it is their mission which is to "come along side the family in reaching kids with the gospel of Christ and growing them up as Christ followers." The first week was kinda scary for Noah because of the unfamiliarity of it, but he is starting to adjust to the new environment and people around him. I'm sure the more we go, the more he will feel comfortable there. I'm so thankful to God and I praise Him for what He has done for us.

Before I go, have you ever heard of Josh found this website not long ago, and it has the coolest stuff for kids. If you haven't seen it, check it out!

Have a wonderful evening!

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Angie said...

Glad I chance to read! Yes, Noah is growning up a big boy!! Sure miss him!! Thanks for sharing this with us!! OILY