September 03, 2009

Our Eventful Night!

I'm kind of irritated. You want to know why? I hate it when I get my hopes up.

The weather forecast for today and all weekend show thunderstorms. Not one drop of rain fell today, AND it was hot to make matters worse. Can you tell I'm rather annoyed?

I honestly think the rain runs from us. When we lived in Amarillo it never rained, and now that we don't live there it rains all the time!

So I am a quite irritated because I love the rain and kind of got my hopes up. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.


30 minutes later...

As I was sitting writing my sob story (above) the craziest thing happened to me, Noah, and Einstein. A very loud, blood curdling siren started blaring in our apartment. I thought, "What in the world is going on? Couldn't be a tornado warning...or maybe it is, and I'm being punished for my complaining about no rain." As soon as those thoughts passed through my mind I immediately ran into Noah's room because I knew he would be terrified.

As soon as I opened his door he was sitting there in his crib with tears streaming down his face. Pooooor baby! I can't imagine waking up to that horrible noise and not having the slightest idea of what is going on. I swept him up in my arms and covered his ears as I tried to figure out what is going on. "Is it a fire? Oh. my. gosh. What if it is a tornado, and I just didn't hear it raining outside?" So I run out on the back porch to see if it is raining. No rain. "Whew! Ok good no tornado."

I open the front door and water is pouring and starting to get into the house. I close the door. Ok that is strange; I am rather confused now. At first I thought it was raining right outside our door, but figured out it was the fire sprinkler system going off. I decided we had to get out of the apartment because chances are it is probably a fire somewhere in our building. Plus the alarm is almost deafening and Noah is scared and crying, so I grab Einstein's leash and open the front door as water pours down in the breezeway.

But guess who decides he is not going to come out for anything... Einstein. Einstein would not move. I call to him, "Einstein come on! Hurry! I'm about to leave you in the apartment and if there is a fire you will be a pug roast! Come on!" I am trying to carry my keys, the leash, my phone, and Noah as the water is pouring down, and our stubborn pug would not budge.

"Einstein, COME on!" Finally he builds up enough courageous and tippy toes over the water in front of our door.

Pretty soon after I got Einstein out of the house he disappears. Oh great.

"Einstein! Where are you? Einstein!"

I walk down the stairs to see if maybe he ran down to go to the bathroom or something. As soon as I walked to the grassy area I look up and you know what I see? My neighbor, who weighs probably a little over a hundred pounds, is carrying 40 lb Einstein down the stairs. Oh my gosh.

"Here is Einstein. He ran into our house and I didn't realize," she said.

"I am soooo sorry." I could barely say it without laughing. Seeing her carry Einstein down the stairs was quite comical.

"Oh it's fine. It's no problem at all. He's just scared."

By that time the fire truck arrives and a bunch of firemen run up the stairs to check everything out. And, well, to make a long story short everything was fine. I still do not know what happened, but I am just thankful everything was okay.

What an eventful night we have had! I planned to write about our trip to Amarillo tonight, but it looks like I will have to save it for another night.

Hope you are having a wonderful evening! Goodnight!

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Angie said...

Hi! I finally catch up reading your blogs. I was laughing, you are so funny about einstein! I can get picture what you all are doing! Poor you! But glad everything is ok for you guys!