September 28, 2009

Project Big Boy: Day 2 & the State Fair of Texas

I'm back with a Project Big Boy update, but first I want to say thanks for the prayers, support, and encouragement you have given us. Parenting is difficult at times, but it's a lot easier when family and friends are supporting us with prayer and encouragement. Philippians 4:6 says, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." We have done that, and I thank God for his help as we have begun the process of weaning Noah from the bottle.

So, here is the update: Today we laid Noah down for a nap when we got home from eating lunch. We changed his diaper, but his pj's on, kissed him, and put him in his bed without a bottle. Of course we expected him to cry, and he did, but it didn't even last for five minutes. I peeked my head in his room, and he was sound asleep. And he slept for almost 3 hours! Talk about answered prayers.

Getting Noah to go to sleep at night without a bottle has always been very difficult. But guess what? Tonight wasn't difficult at all. I rocked Noah a little bit, we said a prayer, and I put him in his bed (again without a bottle), and I tell you the truth, he was asleep within five minutes. I took Einstein out to go potty, and when I came back in the house, it was completely quiet. Sweet little Noah fell asleep without the bottle! So far so good! Thank the Lord. Please continue to keep praying for us.


On Friday night, Josh got a page from Aric Randolph, our pastor at New Life Deaf Fellowship, and Aric asked if we wanted to join their family in going to the State Fair of Texas on Saturday. We were excited they asked us because we have been wanting to go, and thought it would be fun to go with friends. We had so much fun with the Randolphs, and let me tell you, if you haven't been to the State Fair, you are missing out. Of course, we grew up in Amarillo with the Tri-State Fair. The Tri-State Fair is okay until you go to a real Fair. The parking lot at the State Fair is bigger than the fair in Amarillo. It's crazy!

Noah was such a good little boy the whole time we were there. He got to taste the yummy goodness of a Fletcher's Corny Dog (the original corn dog) for the first time yesterday. Who doesn't love corn dogs from the fair? Noah also loved the animals. His favorite was a calf, named Beauregard, who was sitting next to Elsie the cow. Noah just laughed and laughed when Josh bent down with Noah to look at Beauregard, and Noah even started crying when we left because he wanted to stay and look longer. It was so much fun watching him get excited about the animals. We have some tickets left over, so we might go back sometime this week or next. There are so many animals we didn't get to see while we were there, and there were so many yummy foods we didn't get to try. You can only eat so much fried food before you start feeling sick to your stomach. At one point, we came across a big bundle of cotton, and Noah picked a small piece of it and tried to feed it to Daddy. It was so funny. We had such a great time! I wish I would have brought my camera to take more pictures, and I wish I would have thought to get a picture of our family and the Randolphs together, but I got some pretty cute ones on my phone.

Josh, Noah, and Big Tex. Noah was pretty scared of Big Tex,
so we didn't stick around too long.

Josh decided this could be Noah's first car. I don't think so.

Josh and Caleb sportin' their sunglasses.
Don't I have such a cool husband? Not.

But I DO have a cool son!

Noah looooved playing with the cotton.

I guess Noah thought it was cotton candy.

Mmmmmmmmm....Fair Food.

At the end of the day, Noah was all tuckered out.

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