September 21, 2009

Fun at the Mall


I'm lovin' the new look of the blog. Isn't it like a fresh breath of air? And no, sadly, I cannot take credit for it. There are a lot of things I can do on the blog, but when it comes to designing the layout, (sigh) Josh is the man. And, of course, props to Chriselda for the family picture we're using as our header.

This morning Noah and I got to go to the mall. We went to North East Mall, which has a really nice children's play area. So before we left I decided to let Noah play. With flu season approaching, I couldn't help but wonder if it was a good idea, but I am so glad we stayed because Noah had so much fun. He was exploring everything around him, and it was so much fun watching his reaction to all his new discoveries. There were several kids playing in the area, most of whom were older than Noah. It was so cute because it didn't matter that he was the little guy in the area, he wanted to be a part of everything the older kids were doing. We had the best time playing, and I actually managed to snap a few pictures of Noah in all of his excitement.

Noah driving in the big red car

Noah loved this flip the picture activity on the wall.
He kept going back to it again and again.

Noah wasn't sure what to think of the mirror that
distorted his image. He would crawl to the mirror, stare
for just a few seconds, and then would crawl to me. It was
soooo funny. I wanted to get some more pictures, but
Noah wouldn't stay in front of it long enough for me to get
anymore. But you get the idea. Ha!

He just couldn't say away though... so curious.

The slide was a big hit among the kids. They all
loved it, and of course Noah was right there with them.
He crawled right up the stairs, and with a little
help from mommy he slid down. He loved it!

We had so much fun, and we'll have to go back and play soon!

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