September 29, 2009

Project Big Boy: Day 3 & Walking Like a Senior Citizen

I think I would be safe to say Project Big Boy has been successful so far. I say so far because I don't think we are there yet. Noah has been doing so well with the weaning process. We didn't hear one peep from him last night; he slept straight through. It was difficult getting up with him at 7:30 am, but it's okay. I loved waking up with my little guy and spending some good quality time with him. We ate breakfast together, shot some hoops with his little basketball goal (thanks Nana & Roger!), read a couple of books, and watched a Baby Einstein. By that time, it was time for a nap and Noah went right to sleep without any problem--he was asleep within five minutes. Everything has gone so smoothly, well, until tonight. Noah cried for about 30 minutes before he went to sleep. It is so hard to listen to him cry and not be able to do anything to soothe him. But we have come a long way, and I honestly believe we are getting closer and closer to having him weaned. Thank you again for your prayers. We really appreciate them so much.


Noah got a walker for his birthday from his great-grandmother, Gigi, and boy does he love it. If only he had more room to walk around with it I think he would use it all the time. And when he uses it to walk around, it is the. cutest. thing. ever.

About a month before Noah's birthday, I was talking on the phone with Gigi, and before we got off, Gigi asked me what she could get Noah for his birthday. I immediately thought of a walker. She asked me to send her an email of one, so I did a little searching and sent her a link to a walker I found on the Babies R Us website. And it was so funny because before we got off the phone, Gigi said to me, "Now, don't you let anyone else get this for him." It was sweet because she was so excited to get the walker for him.

Anyway, I wanted to post a picture and video of Noah and his walker. I think I could watch this video hundreds of times and never get tired of it.

Ah! Love it. Off to catch up on Survivor with Josh. Goodnight!


Melanie Lyons said...

Glad the weaning is going so well. Love the video! By the time we see him next he'll be running!

Sarah said...

Einstein will either learn to love or hate that little walker. Saylor has a lion one and chases Samson around the whole house with it and just giggles. I'm not sure that Samson is as thrilled!
Glad the bottle situation is getting better and better! Yall will be in my prayers!