July 21, 2011

Pinterest is Awesome

Awesome I tell ya.
Do you pin?


If you don't, sign yourself up!
You will be so happy you did.

You can find me on Pinterest here.



jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

I think my favorite thing about Pinterest is that it makes it so easy to organize inspiring finds. I no longer have to wonder "gee, where did I find that tutorial I wanted to make?" I know exactly where it is!

It just gets time-consuming... ;)

Linda Jordan said...

I do love pinterest! I am now following you on there as well :)

Follow me on pinterest here


Amanda said...

I totally PIN! http://pinterest.com/awallace/

I'm finding you now and following. I don't do much with other people's boards yet - like search them or anything. I haven't figured out how to best do that. But I do like that I can keep all my 'favorites' online instead of just on my computer. My computer recently crashed, and I lost so many recipes and ideas from my computer. Now I'm keeping them all 'backed up' online. :)

Sarah Brown said...

I love Pinterest too! I've been having issues last night and this morning with not being able to see the pics on my phone though so I decided to google "pinterest" to see if there was a known issue. On the first page of finds is a link to your blog. How cool is that?!? I just thought you would like to know. :)