November 02, 2010


Lots of randomness going on in my head tonight, so here goes:

I am loving the Fall weather! The rain fell literally all day long, and there was a nice cool breeze flowing through the air. Ahhh! Totally love it! I forget how wonderful this weather is after the long, hot summers we have.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Noah all dressed up as Buzz on Halloween night. Isn't he just the cutest?! I love my little monkey!


Not sure what has come over me, but I have been in cleaning mode lately. So much so that I cleaned under our stove {totally disgusting by the way} and wiped all the dust bunnies off of our washer and dryer {that never, ever happens!}. I even got my hubby in the mood to clean. He cleaned his bathroom from top to bottom for four hours {yes! four hours} last night. It's sparkly clean. And boy is it nice to sit on a toilet without pee stains on it. Well, it's true! Oh yeah, and I even got him to clean our balcony and organize the closet outside today... in the rain. Did I mention I have the most wonderful hubby ever?

I have a pretty awesome giveaway coming up in the next couple of days. Yippy! Love giveaways!

Josh and I leave for Mexico in TEN days! Cannot believe it is already here. Ahhhh! So ready for a vacation with just the two of us, even though I'm sure Noah's name will likely grace our conversation often.

I miss my sewing machine. Like a lot. I have several projects I am anxious to get started on, but just can't seem to find the energy to get started on any of them after I get Noah down for the evening. It's not a "I've got to crawl in bed right now" kind of tired. It's the "I just feel lazy tonight" kind of tired. Does that make any sense?

One of my favorite things about Fall is candles. Actually now that I think about it, I need a few new ones. Some delicious smelling candles. Mmmm. Suggestions anyone?

I want to make this wreath to hang on my door for the Fall. Isn't it lovely?! When I saw it on Jones Design Company I fell in love and I had to know how to make it. So, I emailed Emily and begged kindly asked for a tutorial. And, guess what?! She posted one today and I could not be more excited! Time to make a wreath baby!

Moving right along...

I have had both my mom and dad start up the "when do you think you are going to have another one" conversation this past week. I think it's safe to say, they are ready for another grandchild. Hm. That's a good question. :) {Don't get any ideas... that smiley face doesn't mean anything.}

Have you ever tasted Taco Cabana's salsa? My gosh, I've died and gone to heaven. Ask Josh, I could drink that stuff it is so good. Yum. Sorry, I know. So random.

I posted a couple of new do-it-yourself ideas and blog tutorials-- have you checked them out?

Okay, have I really not posted about Noah's birthday yet? Gasp! Definitely on the top of my list of blogs to write this week. Goodness gracious!

I'm done. I think. Yes, really I am. Oh, wait.. one more thing. This is just cute!

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Have a wonderful day.



Erica Nye said...

The Pumpkin Roll brick for Scentsy pots smell so good. As does the spiced pumpkin Yankee candle. I am addicted to that website because they have candle sales every week and they are my weakness.

Jill Sloothaak said...

Slatkin & Co. (sold at Bath and Body Works) has a "Leaves" scented candle that is amazing for Fall! (Actually, I like it all year long!) One of the best candle scents ever, in my opinion! :)

Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

I wish I was in cleaning mode like you! Especially since we are moving next Friday AHHH!

and just btw I love random posts they are so fun

susan/mom said...

Glad to cleaning mode has continued on! On candles....the best ones I have found that smell while they are burning like they do in the jar are down there!! In Arlington by Cathy called Creekside Collections....matter of fact just got a new one whenI was there. I got Pumpkin Frappaccino but they have SO many good ones. But let me warn is the cutest store with so many cute "I have to have this" items, That can be dangerous!!! lOVE MOM

Laura Bear said...

AW your son just melts my heart!
And that reminds me... I really need to clean under my stove...

Jennifer said...

I second the Spiced Pumpkin from Yankee Candle, but I found the same scent at Michael's Craft Store the other day and it fills the house almost as well as Yankee with about 1/3 of the price. Yum!!!

Mary said...

That's awesome you got a lot of cleaning done! I love getting into a cleaning mood. When I was in my nesting stage when I was preggers I cleaned hardcore like everyday!

I hope you have a fabulous time in Mexico!

I have gotten the baby talk from my mom a couple times now. Except she doesn't ask, she tells me to. I had to break it to her that we are waiting awhile. She wasn't thrilled but it's every parents personal choice. Well unless it happens by accident!

Hope you have a great day! And I hope you can get back into your sewing. :)

hiyaluv said...

libby! I love that wreath! Have a great time in Mexico and bring your camera and take pics! :) please :) i love that photo of noah. he is too darling. What is with parents harping on their children all the time? My mom has been harping on me to have children since I could birth them-i swear. It drives me bananas. She pressures me to the point that I don't want to have any! UGH! (Sorry that is just my rant. :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Spiced Pumpkin from yankee is the BEST! And, have SUCH a fun time in Mexico!!!! I want to go on vacation!!!