June 07, 2009

First Words

I never knew the word "Mama" could melt my heart the way it does when it comes from Noah's mouth. Yep, Noah said "Mama!" And it is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. He may not know yet that I am Mama and Josh is Dada, but he is talking and it is precious!

The first time Noah said "Mama" was on June 1st, which was the day we moved into our new home. I will never forget that day for those two reasons. Noah loves to say "Mama," and I love hearing it! There is just something about hearing your child talk for the first time.

Noah is also learning to lift his hand to say bye bye and it's funny because he will mouth "bye bye" in a soft whisper. So so sweet. Noah is beginning to imitate words, sounds, and actions. It's amazing how quickly he is picking up on things. My little baby is growing so fast, but what fun it is to see him learn and grow.

Ok I'll stop talking now and let you see the video of Noah's first words. Here it is!


Sarah said...

Aww, WHAT A SWEETIE!! Love the video! Every day just gets better and better, doesn't it!!

Melanie Lyons said...

Awww that's so precious! He's growing so fast!
I am so anxious to hear Jacob say mama... I'm pretty sure he told me off the other day during a fit. I told him he was lucky I couldn't understand anything he said. Keep the videos coming, they are great!

apryl said...

I love how he works up to it in a whisper! So cute...now wait til you wake up every morning to a very distinctive "MOM"