June 17, 2009

I Still Can't Believe...

... I am 26 today!

For some reason 26 hit me a little harder this year. I guess it's just that I'm that much closer to 30. Oh well.

Despite the mourning over turning 26, I had the best birthday! I got to spend the day with my three favorite boys: Josh, Noah, and Einstein!

We originally planned on a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo today. I know. Why would a 26 year old want to go to the zoo for her birthday? Well I can't give you a good explanation why, but I thought it would be a fun family activity. Josh thought it would be fun too, but he still gave me a hard time about it. Imagine that.

We decided it would be better to get up early and go so we wouldn't leave the zoo completely wet from the humidity later in the afternoon. The weather is something we are still trying to get used to, and I think it is gonna take us a while. I thought the weather would affect me more, but it's funny because Josh is the one always complaining about it. Anyway, to make a long story short, we ended up sleeping in a little too late. Oops. So we decided we would go either this weekend or first of next week.

So, my birthday was filled with swimming, mexican food, and a little bit of shopping! Both Josh and Noah were good sports and let me drag them around the mall. We all had so much fun together. It doesn't matter what we are doing. We could have done absolutely nothing today and I would have been perfectly content. All I wanted for my birthday was to have my family together, and that's what I got! Here is a picture of me and Noah at dinner:

Oh and by the way... I got the job in the Newborn Nursery at North Hills Hospital!!! I couldn't be more excited. I called to tell my grandmother, Gigi, about the job and she said to me, "it is God's birthday present to you." I couldn't agree more! God provided, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to grow. What a blessing to see God at work in our lives here. Thank you so much for your prayers and for being my faithful blog readers!

Before I go I have some exciting news to share with you. My younger sister, Abby, is getting married! I still can't believe it! It seems like just the other day I got married, and now it's Abby's turn. We have a lot of fun wedding planning ahead! Congratulations Ab! Love you!

I guess tonight I resumed my title as the "Blog Hog!"

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Sarah Brown said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on the new job. Don't worry. I freaked out obout 30, but my 30's have been even better (so far).