June 12, 2009

I Have A Major...

...headache right now.

I have taken three Tylenol, but nothing seems to help. I'm afraid I may have been too cocky last night with my "Super Mom" post. Let me explain.

Tonight after we finished eating dinner I asked Josh, "Would you rather clean the kitchen or give Noah a bath?" He decided he would take on the task of cleaning the kitchen. So I turned on the bath water while getting everything ready for Noah's bath, and suddenly (I have no idea what happened) here I was:


Yes, that's right. I fell in a bath tub FULL of water! (I wasn't smiling at that point.) Josh and Noah both looked at me with shocked expressions on their faces. I guess I'm not "Super Mom" after all.

And that is why I have a major headache!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Yes, you are still super mom!! Vacuuming a whole house holding a baby DOES make you super mom--or at least in my book it does! Saylor always wants me to hold her when I'm vacuuming and by the time I'm finished, Im usually sweating!
can't believe you fell into the bathtub! Thats FUNNY! But sorry your head hurts!