June 29, 2009


Before we moved to Fort Worth, we had stuff packed up and scattered throughout the apartment. When it came time to feed Noah, rather than moving everything out of the way to get the high chair, I decided to just do it on the ground. So, of course, our little bottomless pit (no, I'm not talking about Noah) was begging for food. It doesn't matter what kind of food it is, Einstein wants it.

This is the lovely look we get from Einstein EVERY time we are eating something.

As much as we love this little pug, it gets quite annoying sometimes having two beady little eyes stare us down for food.

Now don't you start feeling sorry for him. He knows how to use those sad eyes to his advantage. He is definitely not underfed. Last time we took him to the vet for shots and a check up he weighed 40 lbs!! We were shocked. In fact, probably a month before his appointment we had started him on IAMS weight control food. So you can just imagine the look on our faces when they told us how much he weighed.

As I write this, Josh and Einstein are on their nightly walk. Eating healthy food just wasn't cutting it for Einstein. We had to incorporate some exercise into his daily routine.

Anyway, that night I was feeding Noah some baby food on the ground. Of course Einstein was right there by his side hoping he might get a little taste of the delicious goodness that is Gerber's baby food.

And then this happened:

It was SO funny! Noah would reach over and grab Einsteins hand to play with it, but Einstein thought, "Oh goody, he wants me to shake hands!" To Einstein, Shaking hands = FOOD!

I just love Noah's expressions too. He is like what ARE you doing Einstein??

And since Einstein DID shake hands with Noah, he got to do this:

Silly little pug!


apryl said...

I SO know what you mean about the beady little eyes...our cat (Catastrophe, who also has a weight problem) has to go outside when we eat now because Jaxson totally thinks it is his responsibilty to make sure he is fed, and starts to throw all his food down for catastrophe to eat! So anoying!

Melanie Lyons said...

That's so stinkin funny! Makes me wonder what kind of trouble those two will be brewing together before to long.

Sarah said...

So cute!!