August 15, 2010

Our Night in Frisco & Vacation to Kansas City

I am playing major catch up! I can't believe it has been a little over two weeks since I took these pictures. Better late than never, right?

Anyway, the same weekend that Noah and I flew to Kansas City for my sister's bridal shower, Josh interpreted a conference in Frisco. It actually worked out so that Noah and I got to spend Friday night with Josh at his hotel in Frisco before we flew out on Saturday morning.

We arrived at the Embassy Suites {such a gorgeous hotel!} about 4:30 or so and checked in. It felt like we were on vacation {pretty sure Josh wasn't feeling that way}, even though we were still in the DFW area.


Once we got to our room, Josh quickly showered and got ready, and then he went on to the conference. Noah and I just hung out in the hotel room for a while and rested. Scratch that. I rested. Noah, on the other hand, ran around the hotel room, jumped on the bed, stared at himself in the mirror, and pretty much touched anything and everything he could. He was a wild little guy! It was so cute watching him explore and have fun.


Once we rested and played for a little bit, we decided to go to the mall because I needed to get a Pottery Barn gift card for my sister, Abby. I had no idea where the closest mall was, so I pulled out the trusty GPS {can't live without it!}, and I found out there was a mall about three miles away from the hotel. Nice!


While we were at the mall we walked by the Coach store. Not good. If you know me, you know I have a slight addiction to Coach purses. So of course, I had to go take a peek and see what all they had. And was I ever tempted to walk out with the one in the picture below. It sure would have looked pretty on my arm. Don't ya think?


Sigh. And Pottery Barn {curse that store!} tempted me as much as Coach did. There were so many pretty things; I wanted to buy everything! But once again, I was a good girl and just walked out with a gift card for Abby.


Next stop: the mall playground. Is that what it's called? Well, you know what I mean. I could not believe how many kids were in there playing! It was a zoo! Noah was a little overwhelmed and stood back most of the time we were in there playing, but he had a good time after he warmed up to the place.


After we played for a while, we decided to head over to the food court to get something to eat. Noah and I shared orange chicken and fried rice. It was just not very good. You know, typical mall Chinese food. Why I wasted nine bucks on it? You got me.


After we left the mall, I decided to run to Target to try to find something cute to wear to Abby's shower. No such luck. But Noah found something he wanted. He spotted the candy section in no time, and grabbed himself some Reese's Pieces. He was such a good little shopper with Mommy the whole evening, so I gave in and bought them for him to eat on the way home.


Once we got back to the hotel, I let Noah run off some of his energy {sugar rush} and play around for a while. And guess who slept in the big hotel bed all by himself that night!? We were so proud of him. Such a big boy!

The next morning we woke up bright and early, and Josh dropped us off at the airport. Usually Josh goes in with us and helps me out with Noah, but this time, he didn't have time since he had to get back to the conference. It was just me and the little guy this time. I was nervous because trying to check in with a toddler is just not that easy, but everything went so smoothly. Noah was sooo good. He obeyed and stayed right by my side the whole time we were in the airport. Such a little sweetie!


And, out of all of our flights we've had together, this one was probably the easiest. He was the sweetest little guy. We looked out the window at the clouds together. We read his favorite book, For the Love of a Pug, several times. Noah even got a little sleepy and just laid back on me for a little bit. I can say in all honesty it was a really good flight.


But we sure were happy to finally be in Kansas City. We had such a great time! Spending time with our family the whole weekend was wonderful!


More to come!


p.s. All the pictures were taken on my iPhone with my new app addiction: shakeitphoto. It's like a Polaroid camera {you know the one where you shake the picture for it to develop} on your iPhone. If you're tempted to download it, be warned: it is super addicting! Oh, and I almost forgot, a new menu for the week is up!


The Christians said...

How fun! What a great hotel! Seriously, being a terp is one of the best jobs ever! Glad ya'll got to spend time with Josh before you left for your weekend trip. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Hehe...ignore the text messages from tonight. We were all goofing around...think it was a had to be there thing. Sigh. Comedy thru texting just isn't the same. But I missed seeing ya today at church - wish you worked there too so I could see you at work!

Linda P. said...

OK, here I am latching on to the Coach purse thing out of all the stuff you wrote about! OH, I like that purse, too, and I'm not even that big on purses. (Exhibit A: my humble leetle sewn purse brought back from Mexico by a family member but really given to my daughter but I stole it but not really stole it because she didn't carry it anyway cuz she's not a purse person. Whew! I'm outta breath here!) ANYWAY! Funny you mention Coach because I was out with a friend on Friday, and she had a Coach purse that I loved!

Mary said...

Great pictures! And it looked like a great trip. :) Ok and Pottery barn and Coach... That would have been major trouble for me!

Happy Monday :)

OurLittleBlessingS said...

im glad you had fun! and that the trip was easy with Noah. I'll have to look up that book-never heard of it!
I love coach stores! that's my 'reward' if/when i hit my goal!
i'm off to check your menu out, b/c i need ideas for later this week!