August 12, 2010

Noah's 3rd Haircut

You want to know why Noah has only had three haircuts in two years? There is a short answer and a long answer. I'm gonna go ahead and give you the long answer.


Noah got his third haircut yesterday. His hair was getting long {almost mullet-y looking in the back}, so we decided it was probably time for another haircut. If you'll remember, Noah hates, hates, haaaates getting his haircut. So, we knew what was coming. The stylist, on the other hand, did not.

I dialed the number to the salon.

"Hello, can I help you?"

"Um, yes. Do you cut toddlers' hair?"

"Yes we do."

"Okay, good. Well, can we bring our two year old in for a haircut?"

"Sure. Can you be here around 5:15?"

"Yep! See you then. Oh, and how much does it cost?"

"Fifteen dollars."

"Okay, thanks!"

On our way there, we bought Noah a cookie hoping it might distract him while he got his haircut. But we knew in the back of our mind, the cookie would not work.

We walked in the salon and it was basically empty except for maybe one or two other customers. Thank goodness! We knew it was going to be loud. And Noah, well, he happily walked in with us not knowing what was soon to come. Poor guy.

I sat down in the chair, we placed Noah on my lap, and then the stylist draped both of us. Noah calmly and happily accepted the cookie Daddy was feeding him. Life was good. Well, it was good until the stylist cut off a little piece of his hair in the back. As soon as he felt the scissors cutting his hair, Noah knew exactly where we were at and what we were doing. He was getting a haircut! And he was not happy about it! I felt like the worst Mommy in the world as I tried to calm his screaming cries and hold him down. It was horrible. I felt so sorry for the little guy; he was so scared and just wanted it to be over.

It was so not fun.

While we waited for Josh to pay, I held Noah in my arms as I listened to my sweet little guy tell me all about his bad experience. Poor guy. Thank goodness he soon forgot about it and was back to his happy little self again.

My mom suggested I just cut his hair the next time he needs a haircut, but I'm so afraid I would butcher his hair. I do sometimes wonder though if Noah would do better if I were the one cutting his hair?

What do you think?



Linda P. said...

That picture of him is sooo adorable! I'm sorry he hates haircuts so much. Maybe you could attach doing something really special with every time he gets a haircut, something you hardly ever do, but that he LOVES. Remind him every time he is getting his hair cut that something FUN awaits him!

Shannau said...

Kaden was the same way, so I cut his hair til he was 5! Yes, took that long before he would go to the salon for a pro cut. My mother in law gave me the neatest hair cutting razor comb and thats what I used. I will have to post pictures of Kaden before he got his hair cut at 5.. I guess their hair is like a security blanket to them?

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Aw, poor little guy! He's adorable, though. :)

I cut my 6 year old sister's bangs for her, and while I can't say they are super well done, she doesn't seem to mind. Would Noah feel better about it simply because mommy would be doing the cutting instead of a stranger?

Brittany Hamilton said...

have you tried the "monkey see, monkey do" thing? he might feel better if he saw Josh or you getting your hair cut first or at the same time.

Susan said...

Love the pic! I want one!!

OurLittleBlessingS said...

i love his new hair cut! he just gets cuter and cuter. bummer it's so traumatizing for him:( i'm excited to hear if you decide to cut his hair and if it goes better for him or not!

mia is so far from needing a haircut.hah!

Amanda said...

Why not let him practice on a barbie or an old doll from a garage sale of something? Then he would know its fun! :)

Be blessed-

Melanie Lyons said...

That picture is priceless!

Maryellen said...

My son is just like Noah - he HATES getting his hair cut. The first two years of his life I cut his hair myself (because he threw a FIT the first time I tried to bring him in). He finally had his first "real" haircut last year (I wrote a blog about it!) and hasn't had another one since.

He just turned 4 so he's due for another one...he will not let me cut it and I just know he'll throw a fit so... my baby's gonna have long hair this year!

Prairie said...

Well, you've read about my experience cutting Jo's hair. Brent's aunt owns a salon and has cut hair of all ages forever. Her advice is to put on a favorite show of the kiddo's while you cut. I don't think anything really works if they hate it. We've only done it once and have pretty much decided that the next time will be done at a salon. I did trim her bangs the other day without incident, but that was pretty much one quick swipe so it didn't take long. : )