August 08, 2010

Is Summer Really Over?

It's that time again! School is starting up pretty soon, right? I only know that because a few of our youth at church are starting tomorrow. I can't believe summer is already over. It really did go by fast, didn't it? I'm sure glad school is a thing of the past for me, or at least for right now it is. Who am I kidding? I am done with school for good. Five years of nursing school was enough, thank you very much.

Tonight I have some fun little goodies to share with you! Probably a month or two ago, I stumbled upon these super cute teacher appreciation ideas and couldn't wait to share them with you! Now that school is about to start up, I thought it would be the perfect time to give you a little teacher-appreciation inspiration. I wish I could claim these ideas and say I came up with them all by myself, but once again, I cannot. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll come up with something crafty and creative that I can claim as mine.

Okay, so how about I quit blabbing and show you these super cute ideas. Sound good?

Click here for the "Treat Jar" tutorial.


Click here for the "You Deserve Chocolate" tutorial


Click here for the "Box of Teacher Goodies" tutorial
{If I were a teacher, I would absolutely love getting one of these. So cute!!}


Click here for the "You are o"fish"ally the best" tutorial


Click here for the "My Teacher is AW-esome" tutorial

So, so cute!! I will definitely have to keep these ideas in mind when Noah starts school. What perfect little gifts for teachers.

Which idea is your favorite?


p.s. New menu for this week is up!! The this week's recipe button is now under the page at the top of the blog labeled none other than "this week's recipe." Click here if you missed my post about my new pages I've recently added.


Amanda said...

What gorgeous ideas!! I love the tackle tray with all the candy and stuff!!

Be blessed-

Melanie Lyons said...

Cute ideas! I was thinking the other day I needed to look for some things to use with Katie's teachers during this next year. Like the new layout too, just now getting around to telling you.

Dena said...

Love #1! I might be using that this year. Love your new pages! I'm always searching for where I found what craft so I LOVE that page! I have a feeling I'll be returning to it often. ( I still want to know where you found the paper lanterns! Someone told me Party City, but I haven't been yet.)

hiyaluv said...

libby! i love these ideas! They are amazing! too bad i don't have kiddos but I can still use these ideas for my students:)

OurLittleBlessingS said...

these are great ideas!! i (almost) can't wait for Mia to start preschool (in a few yrs) so i can use some of these :D

Erin said...

seriously, all are such great ideas! i'll definitely be keeping the inspiration in my back pocket. thanks!

Nattie said...

I love the box of teacher goodies! what a brilliant idea! i might use it as a pressie for one of my friend! thanks for sharing!