August 26, 2010

Project Nursery

Are you in need of a little inspiration when it
comes to decorating your baby's nursery?

Well, let me introduce you to:

This blog is one of my absolute favorites.
I could literally browse this site for hours...

Take a look at some of Project Nursery's eye candy:


The nursery gallery is full of unique and gorgeous designs
you can tweek to create your very own Project Nursery.

You can even upload your nursery to the gallery
to inspire others and show off all the hard work
you put into preparing for your little one.

Project Nursery is a fabulous blog,
so head on over and get inspired.

p.s. For those of you with inquiring minds,
no, there is not a little Bonjour in the oven. :)


Linda P. said...

These really are beautiful pictures of nurseries! AND I'm glad you cleared that up about no little Bonjours in the oven, because, well, I WAS wondering!

hiyaluv said...

holy cow! i don't have any kiddos and don't plan to in the very near future but even i am captured by this beauty and design!

Johanna at These Prices said...

Oh my. Thank you for the link! I love looking at nurseries, especially ones as beautiful as these.

ASHLEY said...

Just found your blog!!! Love it!! Love project Nursery. I totally need another baby!!

VeVe Davis said...

Libby, This is very cute but no babies coming anytime soon over here. Yah I am glad you cleared that up about not having a Bonjour in the oven. Teehee.. Miss ya!