March 03, 2009

Return of the Sippy Cup

Good morning!

"That darn sippy cup" post I wrote a while back no longer applies to little Noah. Noah never quite got the hang of his old sippy cup, so I decided it was time to look for a new one. Yes, Noah would drink from it when we held it up to him, but it just wasn't the one. While I was shopping in Target the other day, I decided to try another sippy cup and give it a test run that night. I got one without handles this time in hopes that Noah might have an easier time holding on to it.

Yay! This sippy cup is the one. Noah LOVES it. He loves it so much that when I was feeding him sweet potatoes (which he likes by the way) he was so focused on the sippy cup that he didn't want to eat. Noah would take a few bites, but then he kept reaching for his sippy cup. So I'd give it to him, and he would be drinking and drinking and, "ok Noah that's enough!" I tried to grab it from him, but he had a death grip on that thing!

I'm so glad we only had to buy two and were successful with this one. I've heard stories of parents having to practically buy the whole aisle of sippy cups in Babies-R-Us before finding the right one.

Here are a few pictures of Noah and his beloved sippy cup.

Have a wondeful day! --Libby

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