March 31, 2009

Our search to find a new home!

This past weekend Josh and I packed our whole house up (or at least it feels that way with all of Noah's things!) and made a trip down to Fort Worth to start looking for a place to live. My aunt Cathy, whom I am SO thankful for, lives in Arlington. I cannot even imagine trying to find a place in the metroplex without her help. Before we arrived, she had scoped out several different areas. I was thinking to myself before we left that even with her help it would probably be quite an ordeal to find the right place to live. I mean there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of different apartments to choose from. Well the search for the perfect apartment couldn't have gone smoother. It was obvious God was in total control, and he led us as we looked at different apartments. We found our new home and could not be more excited!

Josh, Noah, and I drove to Edmond, Oklahoma late on Wednesday night. We decided to go there first because my parents were going down with us to watch Noah while we looked at apartments. Anyway, the next day we all drove to Fort Worth, but we didn't start our search for apartments until Friday because we arrived around dinner time on Thursday night. Here are a few pictures of all of us at dinner at Abuelo's. I know you are thinking, "Why would they eat at Abuelo's when there's one in Amarillo?!" Well, it was within walking distance of our hotel, and we were tired from traveling, so Abuelo's it was!

Me, Noah, and Mom

Josh, Noah, and Dad

Every time Noah sees a glass, he wants to drink from it

The next day all of us were up and around early to get busy looking at apartments. I'm not gonna go into great detail about our search because I would rather tell you about what we found, but to make a long story short, I forgot something at home that was very important when looking for an apartment: my driver's license!! Every apartment requires potential customers to show proper i.d. before viewing the apartment units. Perfect! I was so bummed. But I kept thinking, "Nothing is too big for God." Funny thing is, I was able to talk my way into viewing almost every apartment except one, and the one we chose was the only one I couldn't view. I was able to look at some pictures that Josh snapped on his phone, but I still haven't actually stepped foot in the apartment. Regardless of that fact, God led us there and made it clear to both of us this apartment was the right one. In a little over 24 hours in one weekend we found our new home. I am amazed already how much God has been at work as we begin the process of moving.

We are SO excited about our new home. The apartments are located on River Park Drive in Fort Worth. When you drive down River Park it is SO beautiful! Beautiful homes surround the area with tall trees. It is a little hard to explain, but I couldn't have imagined a better area to live. Our apartments are located about 15 minutes from the medical area where all the hospitals are located in Fort Worth. We are also very close to I-20 and not far from I-30.

Here are a few pictures. I'll post more of our apartment when we move in and get all our stuff in there.

We had such a wonderful weekend of apartment searching and fellowship with our family. And Noah was THE best baby this weekend. He was so patient and in the happiest mood. Our official move in date is June 1st. Please be praying for us as we begin the process of packing. Wow! I have SO much to do in two short months.


Erica Nye said...

The place looks super nice!

Erica Nye said...

Chad and I did the same exact thing when we left Tulsa. He told me on a Friday he wanted to move to Stillwater to go back to school. We visited on Sat. I got a job on Monday and we moved in less than 3 weeks. Good luck! It will be great.

Melanie Lyons said...

WOW! Beautiful place