March 08, 2009

Quack Quack

Noah was the cutest little guy tonight. I decided tonight was the night to pull ducky out. For Christmas, Noah's aunt Abby got him a ducky bath tub. He was still a little wobbly when she gave it to him, but now that Noah is sitting unsupported I thought tonight would be the perfect night to put Noah in his duck tub.

We actually tried to put Noah in the duck tub around Christmas when Abby first gave him the tub, but he wasn't too happy about it, and we ended up making him really mad. I think he was over-tired that night, so sitting in a quacking duck was probably the last thing he wanted.

Well, tonight I blew that silly thing up and almost fainted from loss of oxygen. I thought I would never get that thing blown up. But it was all worth it. Let me tell you, Noah LOVED it! He laughed and laughed and quickly learned he could splash water EVERYWHERE. He also would bend over and put his face in the water. It was a new experience for him, so of course I couldn't get him to stop once he started. He was having so much fun. We probably spent 45 minutes to an hour in ducky. I enjoyed watching him as much as he enjoyed playing in the bath.

And here's a short video:

If only we could get smelly Einstein to enjoy bathtime that much, we'd be set. Oh well.

Have a great Monday! --Libby

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Sarah said...

Hey Libby! I just stumbled upon your blog. Dont know if you remember me or not, but I worked with you while I was orienting in L&D (Im pretty sure you were a tech). Anyways, you have a beautiful family and little Noah is just precious!