November 17, 2011

The Happy Day Project: Day Three

happy day

Day #3: appreciate someone who serves


Day three of the Happy Day Project
{really supposed to be day six-- had to switch a few days}
was to take some time to show a little sunshine
to a person who serves others.

For this challenge, we wanted to show our
pastor, Aric, how much we appreciate him for
all he does for our family and for the church.

We bought him some of his favorite candy
as well as a can of his "morning coffee." :)

I had to work a night shift yesterday {boo!},
so I recruited the hubby to take Mr. Noah to
the church to deliver the bag of goodies to Aric.

Noah was excited to tell me all about
how he and Daddy went to the church to
see Pastor Aric and give him the bag.

What a great week it has been so far.
My heart is so full & happy!


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Mary said...

what a great idea! :)