November 14, 2011

The Happy Day Project: Day One

happy day

Day #1: bring a treat to a neighbor


Our little treat for our neighbor included:

{yummmy and so easy to make!}
sparkly purple nailpolish
in a miniature purple tin can

I made the first batch of lollipops and Noah
tasted them to make sure they were satisfactory. :)


Then he decided he'd give it a try
and make a couple. He did so good lining
the Jolly Ranchers up on the baking tray.
{Those chubby little hands are almost
too much for me to handle... so cute!}


We gave the treat to our downstairs neighbor.
Living below us is not always easy, I'm sure.

A toddler + paper thin walls = lots of noise!
And she has been nothing but sweet & patient
enduring all the loud bumps and thumps.

Noah and I had lots of fun this afternoon
spending time together making lollipops and putting
together the treat bucket to give to our neighbor.
She loved it and told us purple was one of her favorite colors.

I thank God for opportunities like these where
Noah can experience the joy of giving to others.

Day Two tomorrow! I'm excited!

*dotted line around my photos borrowed from here.


Linda P. said...

I know your neighbor must have felt so special! Those lollipops are gorgeous. I will have to check those out. And nothing like sparkly purple nail polish to make a girl feel super glamorous. : ) I agree that it is so neat to include Noah so that he can learn the joy of giving. Can't wait to check out what you have planned the rest of the week!

Brooke said...

Would love to know how to make lollipops, so fun! Love the project!