September 24, 2010

49 cents well spent

The other day while I was in Walmart doing my weekly
grocery shopping, I spotted sidewalk chalk on a sale table.

It was definitely 49 cents well spent! Noah {and I!}
had so much fun playing with chalk this morning.


Noah had never played with sidewalk chalk before,
so it was a fun new experience for him.

He colored... a little bit.


But, really, he wasn't very interested
in actually drawing with the chalk.


No, he just wanted to line the chalk up--
in a perfect line, might I add. So funny!


He also took some time out to decorate his car.

After he was finished, his car looked
like it belonged at Cadillac Ranch.


Cute little chalky feet.


Just staring at his perfectly arranged chalk.


Every time I took a piece of his lined up chalk
to color the ground, he would take it out of
my hand and put it back where it belonged.

Noah, you're a funny little guy!

I'm thinking we will have many more
mornings of coloring with chalk.
{Or, ahem, lining chalk up}.

So much fun!



Mandy said...

Noah is really too cute! Love how he lined up his chalk - so precious!

hiyaluv said...

so adorable! enjoy these moments...sadly they go so fast from what i hear. happy day! smiles, gina

Mandy England said...

SO cute! It's amazing how inexpensively you can keep children entertained! There's a little girl in our church who's preferred choice of play toys are sticks and rocks :]
[LOVE the name Noah, btw! That's the name the hubs and I have tentatively picked out for our first boy :]

Jami Nato said...

i love that squatty pose!

Heather Mullin said...

That can not get any more precious!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Absolutely adorable. :) I love that he wants them all lined up *just* right!