September 01, 2010

The Little Things

While I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday,
I came across the cutest camo fleece.

It was on sale.

So, I decided Noah needed a new blanket.

I have a feeling the fabric stores are
gonna get me in big trouble.

Anyway, early this morning I wanted to
get a picture of Noah with his new blankie.
I laid the blanket on Noah's bedroom floor,
and I told him to go sit down on it so
I could take a picture of him on it.

Noah couldn't care less about taking a picture
on his new blanket. He was bound and
determined not to cooperate with Mommy.

I decided it was a lost cause.

So, I grabbed a few of his stuffed animals
and decided they would be my models instead.


Then Noah did the cutest thing.


He decided his animals needed shoes
for their photo shoot.


What a funny little guy you are Noah.

I read a quote today that I just
love, and it holds so much truth:

"Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you'll
realize they were the big things."--unknown.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


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Dena said...

This reminds me. I just heard we're getting a Hobby Lobby in Orlando. I'm SO excited! I've never even been in one.

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

This is perfect...stylist you have on your hands!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

If I haven't mentioned? Noah is precious!

{and I finally followed your blog! every time I stop by, I love it, so I figured I should go ahead and follow along} ;)

Prairie said...

Precious. And congrats on the blanket!

Sarah said...

Love that quote--it really is the little things that make us smile everyday!

Shannau said...

I love a good sale, especially at Hobby Lobby! I need to sew some pillows for my bed and add ruffles to some towels for my bathroom but just haven't done it! Sewing is kind of relaxing once you get the hang of it- you made a cute blanket! And Imma "steal" that quote from you, ;) You'll see it on my FB soon, ha.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

oh my goodness, that is SO adorable! How sweet!

Kasey said...

Haha! How funny! And he even put the camo shoe in there to match! Such a smart boy! :)

Kasey said...

Oh and duh! I forgot to tell you that you did an awesome job on the blanket! I love going to Hobby Lobby because they always have wonderful sales on their fabric. And as a matter of fact I just got some jersey cotton a couple of weeks ago to make Grace some pajama pants. I just haven't gotten around to finishing them yet! I still can't wait to see the second project! Yay!

Linda P. said...

Dear Noah, Of course! What was mom thinking? An ape and camo blanket photo shoot with no shoes? Yep, those shoes definitely made the pic complete! : )

Dear Libby, Thanks for reminding me of that quotation. It is so true and gives me something to think about.

Anna Walker said...

I love that blanket and I really really love that quote!

The Christians said...

Cute blanket! I read this post out loud to Ian and he laughed about the shoes! Go figure. Somehow his little one year old brain knew that was funny. Or maybe he was laughing at us adults who think it is funny. Maybe there is some kiddo code about shoes!