August 14, 2009

Wordless Night

Right now I'm sitting here drinking my Diet Dr. Pepper, searching the internet for ideas for Noah's party, and chatting on Gmail. I've had Blogger open for the past hour or so hoping I would suddenly have a spark of creativity, but I have nothing.

Actually, I do have something. Not many words, but I have a sneak peak of Noah's one-year photos. I had the hardest time picking out which pictures to show you tonight, because there are so so so many good ones. I don't know how Chriselda does it. Seriously, the day she came over to take Noah's pictures, he was not in the mood. As soon as she pulled out the big bulky black thing (also known as her camera) his head turned the other way, and it was like that pretty much all day. He was in a very serious mood that day, but the pictures she took of him are perfect in every way. She captured Noah. With that said, here are a few shots of our little man.

More to come! Goodnight.

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