August 23, 2009


I just have one thing to say and that is...

I am oh so glad I don't have to go back to school tomorrow! I remember the day I graduated nursing school. It was the most freeing feeling knowing I would never have to step foot in a school again! School wasn't that bad. Wait, that's a lie. Yes it was that bad. Nursing school was the most stressful period of my entire life. But really, despite all the stress, I am thankful for my education. The point I'm trying to make is simply this: I'm glad I don't have school tomorrow.

Earlier today I took a picture of Noah, and to my surprise he gave me a big smile! Lately, anytime I pull my camera out Noah turns his head the opposite direction. Oh it's just so sweet! Wanna see it?

I cannot believe how much Noah looks like Josh in this picture. Whoa!

Isn't his hat adorable!? He got it for his birthday from a sweet friend at church. I have a thing for hats. I love 'em!

Well as much as I don't want to, I really have to get busy around this house and clean, clean, clean! We are leaving town for Amarillo on Wednesday night, so I've got to get things picked up and ready before we go.



Sarah said...

I agree totally with you....this time of year I am beyond THANKFUL that I am finished with school! I dont miss it ONE BIT!

Erica Nye said...

You are definitely lucky! I did not want to start school this week, but it did not wait for me to get ready, so here goes.