November 05, 2009

A Weekend in Enemy Territory

Over Halloween weekend Josh went to the Deaf Men's Conference, so instead of Noah and I staying home alone all weekend, we decided to go visit my side of the family in Oklahoma. As soon as we arrived at my parents' house I spotted on the dining room table a small, bright orange jacket. I had a sneaking suspicion that the small, bright orange jacket probably had the three letters: O-S-U on it and that it was for Noah. You see, everyone in my family is a big Oklahoma State fan, so I wasn't the least bit surprised when they all tried to convert Noah to become an OSU fan as well. The weekend we went was the same weekend of the OSU/TEXAS football game, so Mimi went out and bought Noah an OSU jacket to wear so he could support the Cowboys.

I have to admit, the little jacket was pretty darn cute. It said "little cowboy" on the hood. But my mom didn't dare buy Noah "the enemy's" jacket without consulting with his daddy first. If any of you know Josh at all, you know he is a big TEXAS fan, so if he found out his son was wearing bright orange instead of burnt orange, he would not be very happy. But Josh gave her the ok and said Noah could wear it only because his aunt and uncle go to OSU. Oh goodness. Do you see what I'm in the middle of!?

The first night we were there we all went over to my Nana's house for dinner, and it was wonderful! We got to celebrate my Aunt Sherri's birthday, and Noah was sure glad it was her birthday because he got to dig into some yummy cake. We had such a wonderful night with all our family, and it was so good to see everyone again. Here are a few pictures at Nana and Roger's house.

We didn't actually go to the OSU/TEXAS game on Saturday, but we did make the trip to Stillwater for a few hours so we could spend some time with Matt, Megan, and Cory. There were so many activities going on there. People were tailgating all over the place, and there were Halloween festivities for the little ones on the campus. We brought Noah's Mickey Mouse costume with us, and he wore it for an hour or two while we were there. He was the sweetest little mouse I've ever seen.

But before I show you pictures of our time in Stillwater, I have to admit something my that mom and I did to poor little Noah. I felt so horrible. One lady came up to us and asked if we wanted to put Noah in the costume contest they were about to have. We thought it would be fun, but before we went to the contest we thought we would draw some whiskers and put a black little nose on Noah to complete his costume. We saw some markers over on a table, so we went over to see what kind they were. Obviously we wouldn't have used permanent marker or anything that we thought would have hurt his skin. On the table were Crayola washable markers, so we thought that would be perfect because it would wash off easily. Well. We were right. It washed off very easy, but left the worst looking red marks on his face. We felt sooooo bad. We had no idea it would do that to his skin. Learn from our mistake: do not use Crayola washable markers on your children's faces. Oops! By that evening Noah's face began clearing up, and it was completely clear by the next day. Whew! So that is why in some of the pictures you will see Noah with a red nose and whiskers on his poor little face.

Here are a couple more random pictures of our weekend in Oklahoma. We had a great weekend! I'm so glad we decided to go visit!

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Sarah Brown said...

Love all the pics. I'm sorry to hear about Noah's face with those markers. Who would have thought. I'm glad it got better.