November 09, 2009

Cutting Teeth & the Tooth Fairy

Noah woke up at 7 am this morning. Hoping he might be up for some more zzzz's, I gave him a sippy cup of milk while I changed his diaper, but that wasn't on his agenda. It was time to rise and shine. It seems that since the time change our mornings just get earlier and earlier. But I don't think we can blame this early morning on the recent time change. Noah has several teeth coming through. I honestly think it has been the worst yet, and I think it's the reason he woke up so early. Not even medicine could soothe his aches and pains today, nor did holding him help. I just had to rub his back as he rolled around on the ground crying {breaks my heart}.

Saying we had a hard day today would be an understatement. He was fussy almost all day, and refused to lay down for naps. Noah's a nap boy. Often he will take two 2 hour naps, but not today. It was a long, hard day for the both of us. {Ahem} Oh, and Einstein too.

Cutting teeth is a monster. And why is it they always come in multiples? That just seems to make it that much harder to endure. I just hope tomorrow Noah feels much better and less tears are shed. Poor baby.

Speaking of teeth, I remember growing up how excited I was to loose a tooth. I couldn't wait to place my teeny, tiny little tooth under my pillow, because the next morning I would find a shiny coin in place of where my tooth was. Isn't it funny how little kids get so excited about 25 cents over a tooth? Well I came across the cutest little thing the other day. It is the Official Tooth Fairy Kit from here.


What a cool idea! Why didn't they have things like this when we were growing up?

Well I'm gonna turn in for the night, or at least snuggle up in my bed with Josh {yes, I forgave him} and watch a movie. Sounds nice.

Oh, and here is a recent picture of Noah. Isn't he a sweetie?



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